Sweet Success: Charlie

charlie-1Written by Jessica M., loving adopter

“The overall adoption process was very easy. To be honest, I made the decision to adopt a dog on a whim. I went in with some friends and we looked at a few different dogs; some were recommended by staff, and some we picked out based on their personalities in the kennels. All the dogs were sweet in their own way, but none stuck out to me as “the one.” After we had seen 4 or 5 dogs that were not quite right, the staff member helping us said she had one more in mind that was not on display but he was a high energy dog like I had been looking for. When she brought out Charlie, the first thing I noticed was his coloring. His striking black and white face was beautiful and his brown eyes had a very intense gaze. Unlike the other dogs that had been more excited to explore the room, Charlie came right up to us! He stood his front paws on my lap and just put his face right next to mine. He still does this when people sit on the ground with him.

charlie-2I love almost everything about Charlie! Anyone who has met him will tell you he is a very special dog. He has a few neurotic tendencies though… He really does not like ceiling fans, and car rides are tough unless I’m the one driving (weird right?). My favorite thing about Charlie, is our bond. He has pretty much attached himself to me. I have never met a dog more loyal or responsive. He knows well over 30 words and phrases which has made training our second dog a breeze. She takes all her cues from Charlie which helps her pick up on things faster.

I have grown a lot since adopting Charlie. He is my number one adventure partner and I cannot imagine hiking without him. He and I spend most weekends exploring San Diego together and I base most of my hikes around whether or not he can come. He has helped me get into better shape and will be helping me train to hike Mt. Whitney this summer! Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the trail to the summit, but you better believe he will be on every possible hike leading up to the big trip!

I would absolutely recommend adopting an animal from BHS to anyone. Go in with an open mind and an open heart. You never know how some little furry creature will change your life!”

Sweet Success: Timon!

img_3865By Kelli H., loving adopter 

When my boyfriend and I first saw Timon in the shelter we fell in love with his energetic personality and his love to play. We could tell he loves being in a house where he can run freely and let out all of his energy. He has six human brothers and caring parents who play with him a lot and give him love. He likes to stare out windows, talk to the neighborhood cats, do parkour off of the couches and play on the bed sheets when we make the bed. We are so lucky to have him in our lives!”

We are so happy that Timone found his forever home and is so loved by his new owners!

Sweet Success: Luke!

lukeWritten by Niculina A., loving friend of Luke’s adopter

My friend adopted Jackson, now named Luke, on Sunday. He is doing extremely well! He is great with the cats and great with all dogs, both male and female. He is also house broken and doesn’t chew! He’s a bit of a picky eater; he doesn’t even like Milk-Bone treats! I have started working with Luke and my friend on basic training, such as sit, down, stay, shake, back, and speak.

He is learning to walk on the lead with the help of a gentle leader, our goal is to end up not needing it. He still gets really excited when he sees another dog, so we are working on not barking with excitement. Overall he is doing very well and he is so happy!

Anyways, thanks for making the adoption process painless and quick; the staff were really nice about everything, and that goes a long way and is much appreciated so thank you for all that you guys do!


Luke’s Family & Friends

Sweet Success: Emma!

bhs_emma   emma

Written by Susan A., loving adopter

“We adopted Emma about 6 weeks ago and she is doing great! She is very playful, sweet and a good addition to our family. For the most part, she gets along with our cat… she is working on not being so crazy when she is around the cat – definitely a work in progress! She also loves water and plays in her kiddie pool often. She is getting ready to start puppy school, but already knows how to sit and is potty-trained.”

Way to go, Emma! We are so happy to hear you’re doing so well with your new family!