Volunteer Spotlight: Janie K.

22070148_1836931249655054_113827_oJanie has been volunteering at Butte Humane Society in the catteries since May of this year. Although she has only been with us for five months she is almost at 100 hours and has already been running Cat Shadow Shifts as well as helping out at our Mobile Adoption events! Originally from New Jersey, Janie moved to Chico in 2002 and continued her career as a nurse at Enloe. Although she claims no pizza, soft pretzels, or cheesesteak sandwiches here can compare to the East Coast’s, she did admit Celestino’s downtown is very close in quality.

Janie retired after working as a nurse for 40 years early this year and decided to start volunteering at BHS in the catteries. More recently, she has started acting as a mentor/leader for cat shadow shifts. Adult cats are often passed over in shelters for kittens, so Janie tries to really talk with potential adopters about what they are looking for in a cat to steer them toward adopting older cats. They deserve love too!

Janie recently just adopted one of BHS’s cats, Theodore, who has been settling into his new life with two feline sisters and a canine brother. The most rewarding part of volunteering, for her, is making connections with the cats, especially the shy cats who need a little extra love to come out of their shells. Her grandson, Elyjah, is a current Junior Volunteer at BHS. Janie brought him into the catteries over the summer to see if he would be interested in volunteering. Elyjah was immediately hooked and has been volunteering with Janie as well. Being able to have her grandson volunteer with her has been a great bonding experience between the two.

Janie K. loves to be able to help the staff out and help find furrever homes for each cat.

Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda G.


Our latest Volunteer of the Month is the marvelous Amanda G.!

Amanda is a valued member of our volunteer community. She started volunteering in April of 2016 and has graciously shared over 285 hours of her time. She quickly joined the team of Level 2 Dog volunteers. This means that she takes on the more challenging dogs and helps them to become better behaved and more adoptable.

She understands that while Level 2 dogs require more work and attention, the dogs have great personalities and are just as deserving of attention as the others. She gives each dog, no matter what level they are, her full attention. Anybody can tell how much the dogs, like Cyndi Lauper, adore her.

What makes her stand out is how consistently she volunteered during the recent hot months and how she welcomed more new volunteers through Mentor Walks than any other Mentor during that time. Due to the heat, Chico State being out, and family vacations, summer brings BHS a significantly reduced volunteer count, but Amanda was here.

We truly appreciate Amanda’s dedication to the animals at BHS!

Volunteer Spotlight: Megan M.

IMG_0460Our latest Volunteer of the month is the outstanding Megan M!

Megan is a college student who started working with BHS after her dog passed away. She really missed having an animal friend but wasn’t ready to make the commitment quite yet. So, when she saw that her friend adopted a dog from BHS, she knew that this would be the perfect place to volunteer!

Megan became an amazing addition to the volunteer staff the moment she started working with the dogs. She works incredibly hard to give the dogs all of the love they deserve. She said her favorite part of volunteering is seeing how much the dogs appreciate a little play time and attention. Another thing Megan fell in love with about BHS is how much the staff and other volunteers care about each individual animal.

After volunteering for only a short while, Megan fell in love with a dog named Dyson. She didn’t know if she was ready to adopt him so she decided to be a foster. She said it was amazing to see Dyson grow from shy and scared to an outgoing and loving dog. The BHS staff really appreciated Megan working with Dyson and credit her for getting him adopted after only a couple of weeks in her home after having lived months and months in the shelter.  For this, we are so appreciative.

Megan has continued to foster dogs and isn’t deterred if a dog doesn’t work out well in her home. She loves it so much that she tries again. She loves to take the dogs swimming or on hikes and can not get enough of all the cuddles!

As a busy college student, it is wonderful that Megan makes the time to visit with our animals. We are so lucky to have incredibly dedicated volunteers like Megan!

Volunteer Spotlight: Emerald T.

volunteer-spotlight-emerald-tOur latest Volunteer of the Month is the amazing Emerald T!

Emerald stumbled upon the Butte Humane Society a few years ago when she was looking for a non-profit to do a school research project on, and as soon as she read into our mission and values, she knew she had to become a part of it. Ever since then, she has been doing incredible work with all of our dogs and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Emerald is a Level 2 Volunteer and a Volunteer Mentor, as well as a trained Adoptions Counselor.  This means that at Mobile Adoption events, she knows how to look for a good match and is then able to process the adoption off-site. On top of being a Mentor and providing new volunteers with one-on-one guidance as they begin their hours, she even helps staff by often leading the Shadow Shift volunteer training sessions. To sum it up, she does it all!

According to Emerald, the best part about volunteering is all the great people she gets to meet. Even though the volunteers’ lives may be so different, they all have a common interest: the animals. She comes whenever she is able to, and we can usually expect to see her several days per week. She works with some of our tougher cases and long-term dogs, pairing them in play groups and tandem walks together with fellow volunteers.

Emerald is a great asset to BHS and we don’t know what we’ll do without her during the summer. Enjoy summer vacation, but come back soon! Thanks for everything you do, Emerald.

Volunteer Spotlight: Darci B.

Darci B.Our Volunteer Spotlight this month goes to the wonderful Darci B. When she’s not working for the School District or taking her grandchildren to their sports games, she’s helping us plan another BHS event. Darci joined our special events team three years ago and has now become one of the lead volunteers in almost every fundraiser we put on.

She was a huge asset to this year’s Bidwell Bark, collecting and creating the prize basket items for us to raffle off at the event. Her hours and hours of hard work helped us execute an amazing event, and we are so grateful for her dedication to the Butte Humane Society. Besides being here for several Bidwell Barks, she has been a helping hand for our fall Gala fundraisers, mobile adoption events, Photos with Santa, and more. She is even on our Volunteer Advisory Committee.

Our Marketing and Events Specialist, Samantha Jones, says that Darci’s “happy-go-lucky attitude makes her an absolute joy to be around”, and that she “can’t thank her enough for all of her hark work during Bidwell Bark!”