Volunteer Spotlight: Brooke T.

IMG-2908Not many volunteers feel comfortable with the complicated closing routines of feeding, cleaning, and administering medications, but Brooke T. sticks around until the last minute of the work day, working alongside staff to get the kitties ready for bed.

Brooke isn’t timid about going above and beyond normal volunteer tasks, but rather looks for more “extracurricular” activities. She gives life to the office with the little things like creating birthday graphics for some of our special cats. She helps instigate those little shenanigans that a workplace needs to keep spirits up on those emotionally stressful days that are all too common in the shelter world.

Thank you Brooke, for bringing such joy to the cats and the humans who care for them.

Volunteer Spotlight: Maegan E.

maeganAlthough only starting at the end of February, Maegan E. has quickly become such an incredible part of our team! She has been extremely dedicated and passionate towards our organization for the past two months and has already accumulated close to 45 hours.

Originally from Southern California, Maegan joined us in Chico once starting school here in the fall. Back home she was an active volunteer at the animal shelter in her town, but she said she never volunteered nearly as much as she does now. She has become very attached to many of the dogs here and seeing them happy makes her happy. When speaking with her, her love and passion was radiating off of her! It is a fulfilling and stress reliving way to spend her time and she doesn’t know what she would do without BHS.

Maegan loves all parts of volunteering, but especially loves being able to take the dogs out of the shelter for the day, bringing them on hikes and adventures with her. Her favorite dog is Diego and she is really hoping that he gets adopted on May 5th at our empty the shelter event. Not only does Maegan put in her time working with the dogs, but also helps us table at Thursday markets talking with the public and promoting events.

We are very lucky to have you Maegan, and we appreciate all of the time you dedicate to us!

Volunteer Spotlight: Marty S.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 4.10.47 PMWhen volunteers sign up to join our team we ask for a 6 hour a month minimum, but some volunteers go above and beyond that request and Marty S. is one of those volunteers. Marty joined our BHS team in 2011 and over the years she has accumulated over 1,397 hours! She is an incredible volunteer that takes the time to socialize with our cats, giving them the attention they need, and helps us out with the laundry and dishes load.

Marty loves all aspects of volunteering but of course playing with the dogs and cats is her favorite part. She also really enjoys getting to meet potential adopters and working with people who share a desire to make a better life for our furry friends.

Over the years Marty has worked with lots of animals so she of course has had some favorites. When she first started volunteering she started fostering two cats and she loved them so much that she ended up adopting them! Other favorites include a Chihuahua named Hector and a cat named Patrick. Both had great personalities and are incredibly memorable.

Marty told us “every one of them deserves a good home! I’m happy to help make it happen” and Marty we are happy you help make it happen too!

Volunteer Spotlight: Kim & Mary S.


Joining the BHS team 11 months ago, Kim and Mary S. have put in time at our warehouse and cats adoptions and have been a great addition to our team! This past month, Kim and Mary went above and beyond with helping us out. With one of our main warehouse volunteers being absent for the month, this lovely couple really stepped up to do the extra work. As we can assume, doing laundry and cleaning cat supplies may not be the most fun, but they recognize how important of a job it is and took it upon themselves to make sure it got done. Not only have they been working in the warehouse this month, but they also took the time to socialize with our cats, and volunteer to clean for our cats over at PetSmart which are equally as important jobs!

On top of all the volunteering these two have done, they even donated a much needed freezer to our dogs adoptions office. Thanks to them we are now able to offer the dogs frozen kongs to keep them entertained while in their kennels.

Everyone here at BHS values and appreciates everything Kim and Mary do and we are lucky to have them!

Volunteer Spotlight: Jaime J.

26904666_1793858460636074_6638630684944677351_nAfter knowing about BHS for 20+ years, Jaime decided to start volunteering with us this past summer and we couldn’t be happier about it! Due to some back injuries, she was in a state of immobility which actually sparked her interested in volunteering. It was hard for her to go from her active lifestyle to being stuck on the couch, so in order to start feeling like herself again, she decided to do something for others. She slowly was able to start taking dogs on longer walks and believes it helped the healing process begin. Since starting here, Jaime has been doing a lot of work both on and off site.

Now that she is feeling better, she is preparing to venture out far and wide to inspire others to donate and adopt by showing them the best side of having a rescue dog. She became inspired after watching sad and negative commercials and realizing this is not a fair portrayal of what shelter dogs are really like. Accompanied by our beloved Nutmeg, she will be traveling across the country, stopping at dog friendly destinations hoping to get her message out there and bring more attention to the matter. Jaime has been doing a lot of work outside of the shelter in order to prepare for her trip including researching destinations, reaching out to dog shelters and rescue facilities, setting up events and interacting with other advocates. Oh, and turning her truck into a tiny house!

We wish you the best of luck Jaime, and thank you for all the hard work you are doing!

Hurry down to Secret Trail Brewery today (02/01/18) between 3:00pm and 6:00pm where $1 of every pint purchased goes toward Jaime and Nutmeg’s adventure fund.