Volunteer Spotlight: Emerald T.

volunteer-spotlight-emerald-tOur latest Volunteer of the Month is the amazing Emerald T!

Emerald stumbled upon the Butte Humane Society a few years ago when she was looking for a non-profit to do a school research project on, and as soon as she read into our mission and values, she knew she had to become a part of it. Ever since then, she has been doing incredible work with all of our dogs and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Emerald is a Level 2 Volunteer and a Volunteer Mentor, as well as a trained Adoptions Counselor.  This means that at Mobile Adoption events, she knows how to look for a good match and is then able to process the adoption off-site. On top of being a Mentor and providing new volunteers with one-on-one guidance as they begin their hours, she even helps staff by often leading the Shadow Shift volunteer training sessions. To sum it up, she does it all!

According to Emerald, the best part about volunteering is all the great people she gets to meet. Even though the volunteers’ lives may be so different, they all have a common interest: the animals. She comes whenever she is able to, and we can usually expect to see her several days per week. She works with some of our tougher cases and long-term dogs, pairing them in play groups and tandem walks together with fellow volunteers.

Emerald is a great asset to BHS and we don’t know what we’ll do without her during the summer. Enjoy summer vacation, but come back soon! Thanks for everything you do, Emerald.

Volunteer Spotlight: Darci B.

Darci B.Our Volunteer Spotlight this month goes to the wonderful Darci B. When she’s not working for the School District or taking her grandchildren to their sports games, she’s helping us plan another BHS event. Darci joined our special events team three years ago and has now become one of the lead volunteers in almost every fundraiser we put on.

She was a huge asset to this year’s Bidwell Bark, collecting and creating the prize basket items for us to raffle off at the event. Her hours and hours of hard work helped us execute an amazing event, and we are so grateful for her dedication to the Butte Humane Society. Besides being here for several Bidwell Barks, she has been a helping hand for our fall Gala fundraisers, mobile adoption events, Photos with Santa, and more. She is even on our Volunteer Advisory Committee.

Our Marketing and Events Specialist, Samantha Jones, says that Darci’s “happy-go-lucky attitude makes her an absolute joy to be around”, and that she “can’t thank her enough for all of her hark work during Bidwell Bark!”

Volunteer Spotlight: Ken G.

16298869_1933580183539600_5868616036301308903_nThis month’s volunteer spotlight goes to Ken G.

Ken joined the BHS team with his son in 2003 – that’s 14 years of volunteering! He is one of our Volunteer Mentors as well as a trained Adoption Counselor, which means he helps potential adopters and our animals find their perfect match. He was also one of our incredible fosters during last month’s Oroville evacuations, and even kept Keeta for weeks after the evacuation order was lifted and the fosters were able to bring back the dogs.

He’s a very active member of our volunteer community, and likes to get to know the other volunteers through the volunteer Facebook page. He really works toward connecting with everyone and enjoys learning what everyone has to say about all the different animals we have at BHS.

Besides being a huge help with our dogs, Ken plays a big role in many of our special events. He’s helped on several committees over the years, including those for Anniversary Galas, Bidwell Bark fundraisers, the Golf Tournament fundraiser, and more. This year’s Bidwell Bark would not be the same without his help.

Ken is just all-around outstanding, and we thank him for his years of dedication and passion for Butte Humane Society and our animals. Thanks, Ken!

Volunteer Spotlight: Arlene E.

Arlene E.What can we say, Arlene is a rock star! In the last year she has contributed almost 250 hours of her time to Butte Humane Society. After being retired for about a year she decided to find a new way to spend her time, and we couldn’t be luckier that she found us.

Adoptions Manager, Megan Dallas, says, “Our staff really rely on our volunteers, and Arlene is always there to step up and take on anything we need her to. If she hears we are short staffed, she comes straight over to come and help out. She’s an angel!”

Arlene has completed the Level 2 training for dogs and is also one of our Volunteer Mentors, which means that she works with new volunteers as they are training. She is a great asset to our special events and mobile adoptions, including our most recent – a special “Company Cuddle” event for Sierra Nevada Brewery staff and families. Arlene also played a vital role during the evacuation crisis we had earlier this month, helping to organize emergency fosters so that we were able to open our kennels to community animals in need.

Now that we’ve gotten to know her, we don’t know what we’d do without her. Thank you, Arlene!

Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy M.

volunteer-spotlight-mandyWhen she came to volunteer with Butte Humane Society in early January of this year, Mandy jumped in with both feet. In less than a month, she has accumulated over 100 hours of service!

Mandy helps out in all areas of BHS, and has already completed the Level 2 training for Dogs. She puts in hours at the warehouse, spends time with cats, and works tirelessly to ensure that all of our dogs get their time out of the kennels each day. Not only that, but she attends education seminars and always makes sure to post photos and information about the animals that she works with. The information she provides helps both staff and other volunteers know what the animals need and how to work with them.

Mandy said she came to BHS when she some extra time between classes at Chico State, and quickly found herself getting attached to all of our loving animals. She comes in to volunteer every day that she is not in class, and her dedication is inspiring. Thank you, Mandy, for all that you do for Butte Humane Society. You have truly made a difference and we cannot be more appreciative!