BHS Internships

Each semester, a handful of students join BHS as intern. Whether they work in Adoptions, the Clinic, or Administration, they all walk away having gained valuable work experience! Check out this write up by former Social Media & Public Relations intern, Cassie, about her experience at BHS!

“My experience as the Social Media and Public Relations intern at Butte Humane Society has been nothing short of fulfilling. The environment was always warm and welcoming, and helped me learn a lot about what I want in my future career endeavors. Working for a nonprofit was also a very rewarding experience, as I felt I was directly contributing to finding homes for our wonderful animals. All of the administrative staff were always very helpful and supportive when getting work done, and it was never boring! As a Communication Studies student, this was directly applicable to my academic and professional skills. I learned so much throughout the duration of the semester, and my involvement with BHS was everything I could have wanted in an internship!”

Volunteer Spotlight: Hannah D.

imageHannah D. only joined BHS in the beginning of July, but already she has won every one of us over. She volunteers in multiple departments, including Dogs, Cats, Clinic, Warehouse, and Special Events. She even stepped up, without hesitation, to be our Petsmart Liaison who monitors the comfort and cleanliness of the cats we have up for adoption at Petsmart. She’s already volunteered over 25 hours this month. Did I mention that she’s only 16! Cats love her. Dogs love her. Staff and Volunteers love her.

Thank you, Hannah, for being such a ready, willing, and capable volunteer as well as just being an inspiring individual.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole M.


This month, we’re shining the Volunteer Spotlight on Nicole M.!

Our Dog Intake Coordinator, Shannon, had nothing but wonderful things to say about Nicole. “She’s always smiling, and she’s willing to work on value life skills with Hudson – skills like being calm, walking politely on leash, how to sit and stay. Nicole is accountable and friendly!”

When asked about volunteering at BHS, Nicole said: “I absolutely love spending time volunteering with the dogs. I initially started because I missed having a dog of my own, and can’t have one due to being a renter. I figured I would give my time, as I am a big supporter of rescues, after our family adopted a pittie through a rescue. I was able to get my dog ‘fix’ while being able to give back to the community and the pups. I love that I get to spend time with them, and work with them to get them out of the kennel and have some fun. While I also enjoy it personally, and feel so rewarded after spending each time with the pups and they always put a smile on my face.”

We are so lucky to have an amazing volunteer like her. We appreciate you, Nicole!

Volunteer Spotlight: Brooke T.

IMG-2908Not many volunteers feel comfortable with the complicated closing routines of feeding, cleaning, and administering medications, but Brooke T. sticks around until the last minute of the work day, working alongside staff to get the kitties ready for bed.

Brooke isn’t timid about going above and beyond normal volunteer tasks, but rather looks for more “extracurricular” activities. She gives life to the office with the little things like creating birthday graphics for some of our special cats. She helps instigate those little shenanigans that a workplace needs to keep spirits up on those emotionally stressful days that are all too common in the shelter world.

Thank you Brooke, for bringing such joy to the cats and the humans who care for them.

Volunteer Spotlight: Maegan E.

maeganAlthough only starting at the end of February, Maegan E. has quickly become such an incredible part of our team! She has been extremely dedicated and passionate towards our organization for the past two months and has already accumulated close to 45 hours.

Originally from Southern California, Maegan joined us in Chico once starting school here in the fall. Back home she was an active volunteer at the animal shelter in her town, but she said she never volunteered nearly as much as she does now. She has become very attached to many of the dogs here and seeing them happy makes her happy. When speaking with her, her love and passion was radiating off of her! It is a fulfilling and stress reliving way to spend her time and she doesn’t know what she would do without BHS.

Maegan loves all parts of volunteering, but especially loves being able to take the dogs out of the shelter for the day, bringing them on hikes and adventures with her. Her favorite dog is Diego and she is really hoping that he gets adopted on May 5th at our empty the shelter event. Not only does Maegan put in her time working with the dogs, but also helps us table at Thursday markets talking with the public and promoting events.

We are very lucky to have you Maegan, and we appreciate all of the time you dedicate to us!