Your Support in Action- Charlie


Sweet little Charlie was suffering from severe dental disease, which is a common problem for companion pets as they age, especially small breed dogs.  He even had pieces of grass, hair, and carpet stuck in the tartar on his teeth. If this wasn’t enough, he had also developed a sinus infection due to a decayed tooth root.  It was hard to believe his tail was still wagging!

Charlie Sept 15Imagine meeting a sweet, friendly and well-behaved 6-year-old dachshund mix like Charlie.  He is a perfect match for your family, and you are ready to adopt him except for one thing—he has serious dental issues that need to be addressed immediately, and this will be very expensive. Plaque and debris accumulate in an animal’s mouth and harden into tartar, which can lead to periodontal disease, infections, and painful decayed teeth.

Thanks to your generous donations to the Dorothy N. Johnson Second Chance Fund, Charlie was able to get the help he needed so that he could find his forever home.  He received a deep cleaning, 6 teeth were extracted, and his infection was treated with antibiotics and pain medication.  With a clean, pain-free mouth, Charlie is smiling more than ever!

When a dog like Charlie needs an expensive medical treatment, they are often overlooked, despite the fact they are highly adoptable.  It was estimated that Charlie’s dental work would have cost about $1000, which is a deal breaker to many potential adopters.  Now there is nothing holding him back from finding his forever home. Come meet Charlie and see his beautiful smile today!

Please continue to support animals like Charlie by contributing to the BHS Dorothy N. Johnson Second Chance Fund.

Your Support in Action- Luna


Luna Kitten no paw upclose
Lunas red nub where her paw was missing.

If Luna were brought to another shelter, she would have been euthanized.  Only a month-old, Luna was born with a birth defect that would have prevented her from growing into a healthy, adoptable cat. If that wasn’t hardship enough for this sweet kitten, her knee was bent backwards and the foot missing. Only a raw, red little nub stuck out from Luna’s soft grey fur, likely caused by an animal attack.  Your support saved Luna by allowing her to get proper medical care.

Luna Kitten amputated leg-crop
Luna required two surgeries. One to amputate the bent leg and one to repair an internal hole in her body wall.

Luna required two surgeries to mend the birth defect and amputate her deformed limb.  After surgery, Luna was lighter on her feet and quickly adapted to life on three legs. She chased toys and played with her siblings. Cuddled up in a volunteer’s lap, you could hear her purring from across the room.

Luna’s loving and playful personality captured attention more than her lack of four legs. It didn’t take long for her to find a home.  Luna’s adopter, Taylor, was set on her even before realizing she was a tri-pod. She says, “I always end up finding the cats who have abnormalities or had a tough life, so I’m not surprised I was drawn to Luna.”

Luna Kitten adopter
Luna with her adopter, Taylor, went home with her mate Eddie and his adopter, Taylors roommate.

Your support enables animals like Luna to overcome their trauma and hardships. At other shelters, animals with disabilities or needing additional medical care are deemed costly or unadoptable. Without you, these animals wouldn’t find refuge at BHS, where every animal is given a chance. Luna is proof every animal can and should be saved!

To save more lives like Luna’s, please donate to the Dorothy N. Johnson Second Chance Fund. This restricted fund is used for treating diseases, preforming x-rays and surgeries, and providing additional medical care for animals that would otherwise be euthanized at other shelters.

You Give Animals A Second Chance

Second Chances Created From Saving Pets Challenge

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially animals suffering from conditions they have no control over. Broken limbs, heart worms, and skin and eye infections are the leading conditions that require extra care and money for the animal. If not treated properly, these conditions can worsen and even lead to death.

This is why BHS has the Second Chance Fund, which is specifically used for animals needing extra care. On a month to month basis, BHS utilizes around $2500 of supporter donations from the fund to treat and care for animals that need extra services.

Lady, a Chihuahua who was suffering from an eye ulcer, was going to be euthanized at another local shelter because they could not afford the treatment necessary. Lady was transferred to BHS to receive eye surgery, which is only possible by funds donated to the Second Chance Fund. This is just one example of how your donations help save lives by providing the proper treatment for animals needing extra care.


Lady before the surgery
Lady- After Surgery - Second Chance 2015
After surgery

Lady, a 3-yr old Chihuahua, was saved because of the money donated  to the Second Chance Fund.



To help increase donations to the Second Chance Fund, BHS participated in the Saving Pet Challenge. The goal BHS strived for was $5000 in donations by June 5th. By the end of the challenge, supporters had raised around $2000 for the fund! With this money, donors like you will provide animals with special needs, like Lady, proper  medical care to live a healthy life and get adopted. Without support of the Second Chance Fund, loving, adoptable animals risk be euthanized.

At Butte Humane Society, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure the proper care and treatment of rescue animals so they can be adopted into a loving home where they can flourish.

Written by Nick Bragg

Your Support In Action – Guapo

Guapo, an 8 year old pit bull mix,  has had a couple rough breaks in life. He originally arrived at our shelter in 2008 as a transfer from another shelter that had found him running around as a stray. They were rapidly running out of space for stray dogs, so they sent him to us. “Guapo” is Spanish for “handsome”, and boy does this dog live up to it! Everyone he met was immediately struck by his sweet, easygoing temperament and he found a home in no time.  Unfortunately for Guapo his situation once again took a turn for the worse in August when his owner had to give him up due to losing his home, and our brave boy is back with us in his senior years.

Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.
Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.

Guapo also has some special needs; he has lost a lot of weight mostly due to the fact that his tongue doesn’t function normally and needs to have his food/water bowls elevated along some help with eating. He is also positive for heartworm disease and will need to start treatment as soon as he settles into his foster home. But Guapo doesn’t let his medical issues get him down and is a happy fun loving dog who has won the heart of every person he’s met!

Your support of our organization has ensured that not only were we able to take Guapo back in, we were in a position to be able to treat his heartworms and accommodate his special needs. Your support has also allowed for the creation of a strong foster program, so that dogs like Guapo don’t have to stay in a stressful kennel environment while they recover from their illnesses. Thank you so much for your support, we count on it and hope you will continue to help us save the lives of homeless animals in our community.


Your Support In Action – Nicodemus

Nicodemus A22495760 with new mom Sara1
Nicodemus about to go home with his new mom, Sara!

Nicodemus came to us as a stray with old, badly healed injuries in his legs (possibly the result of abuse, our vet thought he had been shot by a BB gun) after he had been hit by a car. We asked out followers to donate money for his x-rays so we could figure out exactly where and what his injuries were so we could fix them. We determined that in addition to his earlier troubles, he also suffers from arthritis and will have to be on pain medication for the rest of his life. This complication, along with the fact that black cats have a hard time finding homes even when they are in perfect health, held this sweet boy back for several months as he came back and forth from his examinations, x-rays and treatments.

Despite this rough start in life, Nicodemus retained his strong spirit and zest for life, and when you opened the door to his cage you opened the door to his heart as he purred and purred and nuzzled your hands. Animals are amazing, aren’t they? Despite the many hurdles and abuse they can sometimes face, they have hearts as big as the sky and only want to love and be loved.

Now Nicodemus’s wait is over, and he’s off to his forever home with Sara. This happy resolution to Nicodemus’s story would not have been possible without your donations to our Second Chance Fund. We are so grateful to everyone who donated, and Nicodemus and Sara are too!