105th Anniversary Gala – Thank You!

dsc01790Thank you so much for your attendance, participation, and help at our 105th Anniversary Gala!

Thanks to you and your hard work, it was a successful night of celebrating BHS and the animals that we serve. Without the help of each staff member, volunteer, intern, donor, sponsor and guest, we wouldn’t have had such a lively evening of “Grr-lesque, Purr-lesque.”

We had 140 donors who generously gave items for 14492591_10154288685595100_6659311711965809362_nour silent and live auctions at the gala. We auctioned off some exciting  items and packages, including trips to New York and Hawaii, a private dinner with the Sushi Brothers, and unique hand-crafted woodwork. There were a few tantalizing performances by the Malteazers, and impactful short films about our current programs by the talented Tanis Cassidy. We are so very thankful for everyone who made it possible!

Three BHS dogs also made an appearance! Having dogs there made it really special, letting our guests know who they are directly helping with their donations. Overall it was a joyous night of celebrating Butte Humane Society’s 105 years of working diligently to help save lives, find homes, and inspire compassion!

From everyone here at Butte Humane Society, you are the reason we can do what we do – thank you!

See photos from the event on our Facebook Page.

Spay & Neuter Days

February is National Spay and Neuter Month!  We are proudly partnering up with several animal-loving businesses in the community to help increase spay and neuter awareness.

Throughout the month of February, businesses Spay & Nueter cards Art Etclike Art Etc. will be collecting donations to help fill our Spay & Neuter Fund. The fund provides vouchers to help pet owners who wish to take the responsible action of spaying or neutering their pets, but need assistance.

Why is it so important to spay or neuter your pet?  It reduces the chance of your pet developing certain cancers.  It reduces roaming, aggression, messy heat cycles, marking or spraying, but most importantly, it reduces unwanted litters, thus reducing overpopulation and euthanasia.  There’s really no reason not to as long as our shelters are full.

So how can you help?  Easy!  Simply visit one of the Spay & Nueter cards countertopbusinesses listed below, look for the donation cards, donate $5, and be sure to write your name as big as you can.  You deserve this proud moment.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the following businesses for partnering up with BHS and for caring so much about such a worthy cause.  You are truly heroes in our community!


Welcome to Our Winter Wonderland

pet photos with santaYou love your children, both two and four-legged, and you love capturing adorable memories of them.  Butte Humane Society can help with that by offering Photos with Santa at our Winter Wonderland where we will be decking the halls with beautiful holiday décor. Come in from the cold for some delicious hot apple cider while you browse through the BHS boutique for cute pet outfits, gifts, and more.  Satisfy your sweet tooth with some irresistible baked goods.  Marvel at your children’s (the two-legged ones) artistry as they get crafty in the craft corner.

Long day of shopping?  Bring your gifts and let us wrap them for you.  We have an assortment of both contemporary and traditional wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon.  Name your own price.  It all goes to help the animals at BHS.

Not into Santa?  That’s okay!  We will also offer winter and Hanukkah themed photo options. So come enjoy the fun festivities at the BHS Education Center located at 2156 Pillsbury Rd, Suite 160 from noon to 4:00pm on either December 5th or 12th.   Don’t forget to pick up your 2016 calendar featuring animal lovers from CAL FIRE and some of the adorable pups and kitties from BHS.

We hope to see you there!



Heat Safety for Your Best Friend

Is Your Pet Telling You They Are Too Hot?

bullSchool is out and summer is here.  Time to get outside and enjoy some fun in the sun, right?  Well not so much for Fido or Fluffy.  Sure your best friend loves to play outside with you and keep you company while you run your errands, but when summer temperatures in Butte County reach upwards of 115 degrees, now is good time to consider taking steps to protect your pet.

We love our north state, but it’s no secret that the north valley is prone to dry, miserable heat.  Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause significant, irreversible harm to your pets.

Leave Your Pet At Home car
Despite warnings, every year people take their pets shopping with them thinking, “I’ll just be a minute” or, “It’s ok because the windows are cracked”.   But it only takes that “minute” for your best friend to overheat.

On an 85 degree day inside a car:
10 minutes = 102°F
30 minutes = 120°F
At 107°F dogs begin suffering brain damage or even death.

Shelter and Shade
Got a fancy doghouse?  If that dog house is not well ventilated, it might as well be an oven.  As for that shade, it moves.  Your dog might be chilling in the cool shade of your neighbor’s oak in the morning when you leave for work, but where is that shade several hours later in the hottest part of the day? 

Keep It Full And Keep It Cooldont forget
You remembered to fill that water dish, has it been warming in the sun?  Is it in a heat retaining metal bowl?  Just like you, dogs and cats prefer cooler water.

If The Ground Is Too Hot For Your Feet, It’s Too Hot For Theirs.
Dogs’ feet can and will burn, blister, or bleed if it’s hot enough.  If your dog is limping or refusing to walk while outside, that’s likely a warning sign.  Dogs that have just been rampaging through the water are especially at risk as the water may have softened their pads.

 Warning SignsDogs Old
-Excess panting
-Excess drooling
-Difficulty breathing
-Digging for a cool spot in the dirt
-Your pet slows down faster than usual
-Glazed eyes
-Deep red or purple tongue and lip

If you see your cat panting, you must act fast.  Cats are more tolerant of heat, so this behavior indicates that heat exhaustion is already setting in.  Wrap them in a cool, wet towel until they cool down and then seek your veterinarian’s advice.

Other Dangers:
Summertime is when pets are most at risk for fleas, ticks, heartworm, and rattlesnakes.  Click here for an informative video about parasite awareness and prevention then consider getting a rattlesnake vaccination. Thanks to the generous donations of the community, Butte Humane Society is able to offer low cost vaccinations to the public. 

Summer Safety Do’s And Don’ts.

  • get your pup a small wading pool to splash around in.
  • make frozen treats for your dog. Freeze a block of water and let them play with it.
  • consider shaving your dog’s heavy coat; just not too short as dogs get sunburns too.
  • consider how far you take your pet from the nearest emergency facility.
  • learn from Cesar Millan how to cool down a hot dog.


  • exercise your pet mid-afternoon.
  • encourage your pet to speed up when it wants to slow down.

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

            The time for hot apple cider, warm scarves and pumpkin bread is finally here. It’s fall, and Halloween is just around the corner! You know what that means; it’s time to start thinking about what you and your family are going to dress up as this year. This includes the 4-legged members of your family. Not everyone likes to dress their pets up, but for those of us that do here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Avoid masks, which can obstruct your pet’s vision or ability to breathe.
  2.  When the costume is on, make sure your pet can still move freely and supervise your pet at all times.
  3.  Always ensure your pet has identification (collar, tags, and microchip) and don’t forget the leash if you’ll be outdoors or in a new place.
  4. Allow your pet time to adjust to the costume, including a couple “test runs” before the big day.
  5. Most importantly, don’t dress up your pet if it makes them unhappy. Some animals like it but some don’t, and we should respect that.

Costumes aren’t the only pet safety concern on Halloween. Many pets can become stressed out, lost, or sick during this time of year.  These are a few ways to minimize pet stress this month.

  1. Avoid giving your pets treats not specifically designed for their species, or they might get sick. This means no candy from the trick-or- treating bowl (more for you)!
  2. Keep Halloween decorations such as electric lighting, carved pumpkins with lit candles, and small plastic creepy crawlies out of the reach of your pets.
  3. Unless your pets are very social with strangers, keep them in a separate room away from the front door during busy trick-or- treating hours. Too many new people in one night can be very stressful for some animals.
  4. Be on the alert for your cat or dog trying to sneak past you when you open the door for trick-or- treaters.
Maria, our Adoptions RVT, loves dressing up the kitties for Halloween!
Maria, our Adoptions RVT, loves dressing up the kitties for Halloween!

If you follow these simple rules, both you and your fur-friend should have a happy, fun and safe Halloween! And if you love dressing your pets up for Halloween, be sure to check out our Facebook Halloween Costume Contest! You can show off your cute costume ideas, look at the adorable outfits put together by other animal lovers, and win a pet care gift basket! Head over to Butte Humane Society on Facebook and like the page for more details.