Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Taking your dog into work seems a bit taboo, but Friday, June 26, 2015 is national “Take Your Dog to Work” Day. When started 16 years ago, the goal was to educate coworkers about rescue animals.  By creating an emotional connection, your coworkers would be encouraged to adopt a shelter animal as well.Take your Dog to Work 2015

The philosophy behind take your dog to work day is actually genius. Dog owners get to bring their loved ones with them to work, while at the same time, educate people about the benefits of a rescue animals and reduce negative stigmas.

Keep in mind, bringing your dog into work needs to be approved by your company. Here are a few tips to help you take your dog to work.

  • Talk to your boss beforehand — No boss would appreciate their workers bringing in an extra friend into work without prior knowledge. Make sure you tell him/her what TYDTW is, and why they should let you bring your dog.
  • Dog-proof your office — Offices are filled with cords, sharp objects, and hot coffee. You need to make sure your dog will be safe wandering around the office space. Organize all loose cords and put all sharp objects in a locked drawer.
  • Bring entertainment — Having an energetic dog sitting bored in an office is a disaster waiting to happen. Bring toys that challenge your dogs cognitive skills to keep their brains busy while you work.
  • Food and water — Last but not least, you need to bring appropriate, yummy food choices and snacks to keep your animal from getting grumpy.

Written by Nick Bragg

Rattlesnake & Tick Awareness

Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Summer, it’s the perfect time to give your pet new experiences and adventure outdoors. The possibilities are endless, and the memories will last a life time, but is your pet safe when taking them out?  

Dogs in Bidwell park- tick-rattlesnakeUnfortunately, summer is a prime time for rattlesnake and tick activity. A rattlesnake bite to a dog can be lethal if not treated right away. Smaller dogs are especially at risk because the venom travels throughout the body quicker then with a big dog. Ticks also pose a threat to our animals’ health this summer. Ticks can transmit an infection called Lyme disease, which is a bacterial infection that can affect most mammals—and if not treated—can lead to death.


With help from supporters, Butte Humane Society’s Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic can provide preventative treatments for rattlesnakes and tick bites at a low cost. Click here to check out our low cost rattlesnake and flea/tick prevention vaccines. It will be such a relief knowing your beloved pet is equipped with defenses against potentially lethal bites. 


You don’t want to wait until it’s too late, especially when it’s your best friend at risk. So if you’re planning on having some fun in the sun with your pet this summer, consider calling to make an appointment today for the Spay and Neuter Clinic at 587 Country Dr. Chico, CA 95926 to get your pet ready for the adventure.
Written by Nick Bragg

You Give Animals A Second Chance

Second Chances Created From Saving Pets Challenge

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially animals suffering from conditions they have no control over. Broken limbs, heart worms, and skin and eye infections are the leading conditions that require extra care and money for the animal. If not treated properly, these conditions can worsen and even lead to death.

This is why BHS has the Second Chance Fund, which is specifically used for animals needing extra care. On a month to month basis, BHS utilizes around $2500 of supporter donations from the fund to treat and care for animals that need extra services.

Lady, a Chihuahua who was suffering from an eye ulcer, was going to be euthanized at another local shelter because they could not afford the treatment necessary. Lady was transferred to BHS to receive eye surgery, which is only possible by funds donated to the Second Chance Fund. This is just one example of how your donations help save lives by providing the proper treatment for animals needing extra care.


Lady before the surgery
Lady- After Surgery - Second Chance 2015
After surgery

Lady, a 3-yr old Chihuahua, was saved because of the money donated  to the Second Chance Fund.



To help increase donations to the Second Chance Fund, BHS participated in the Saving Pet Challenge. The goal BHS strived for was $5000 in donations by June 5th. By the end of the challenge, supporters had raised around $2000 for the fund! With this money, donors like you will provide animals with special needs, like Lady, proper  medical care to live a healthy life and get adopted. Without support of the Second Chance Fund, loving, adoptable animals risk be euthanized.

At Butte Humane Society, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure the proper care and treatment of rescue animals so they can be adopted into a loving home where they can flourish.

Written by Nick Bragg

Grieving For A Pet

Given the intense bond people share with their animal companion, it’s natural to feel a sense of devastation and grief after losing a pet. Although some people may not understand the intense devastation behind this kind of loss, it’s not something to be ashamed of. Using healthy and effective ways to come to terms with their passing can help you say goodbye to your furry best friend.

Spending quality time with your pet in its final days can help with the grieving process. Let your pet know how much you lovehand in paw him or her, and cherish every moment. Letting your pet know that it was loved its entire life will solidify to both animal and owner that it lived a happy and healthy life.

Surrounding yourself with people who you cherish is also a great way of dealing with the pain behind losing a pet. If your family and friends love animals, they will understand the pain you’re going through. Don’t hide your feelings in a misguided effort to appear calm and strong. Instead, talk about your feelings and let out a burst of emotions, it’s perfectly normal to have weak moments at a time of loss.

Keeping old photos, videos and other forms preserving memories can be an effective way of dealing with the loss of a pet. It’s important to have something concrete to return to; like a visual reminder can help you remember your beloved pet.

Many pet owners make the quick decision and get a new pet relatively soon after the passing of their pet. This is typically does not help with the healing process and can intensify the grief. Every animal is different and comes with unique personality traits and bonds with its owner. No animal is the same and the bond between pet and owner cannot be duplicated. When the time is right however, getting another pet can begin the start to another great friendship.

Nothing can ever take the place of your pet and it can be a difficult process to experience. But with great support from friends and family as well as friendly reminders of your companion can ease the grieving process.

Your Support In Action – Guapo

Guapo, an 8 year old pit bull mix,  has had a couple rough breaks in life. He originally arrived at our shelter in 2008 as a transfer from another shelter that had found him running around as a stray. They were rapidly running out of space for stray dogs, so they sent him to us. “Guapo” is Spanish for “handsome”, and boy does this dog live up to it! Everyone he met was immediately struck by his sweet, easygoing temperament and he found a home in no time.  Unfortunately for Guapo his situation once again took a turn for the worse in August when his owner had to give him up due to losing his home, and our brave boy is back with us in his senior years.

Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.
Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.

Guapo also has some special needs; he has lost a lot of weight mostly due to the fact that his tongue doesn’t function normally and needs to have his food/water bowls elevated along some help with eating. He is also positive for heartworm disease and will need to start treatment as soon as he settles into his foster home. But Guapo doesn’t let his medical issues get him down and is a happy fun loving dog who has won the heart of every person he’s met!

Your support of our organization has ensured that not only were we able to take Guapo back in, we were in a position to be able to treat his heartworms and accommodate his special needs. Your support has also allowed for the creation of a strong foster program, so that dogs like Guapo don’t have to stay in a stressful kennel environment while they recover from their illnesses. Thank you so much for your support, we count on it and hope you will continue to help us save the lives of homeless animals in our community.