Fall in Love- Hooch Needs a Home

Meet Hooch.  He was first brought to us at the tender age of 5 months, and has spent his life as the object of a theoretical revolving door- where one side is adoption, and the other returning to BHS after several unsuccessful attempts at finding love.  Although he has all of the attributes of a loving, sweet and fun dog, he is acclimated to his kennel due to the majority of his year and half long life being here.

Hooch- Nov 2015
Handsome, loving, energetic boy looking for long-term, monogamous (only dog) relationship. Seeking understanding, patient, and playful match who will spend days doing puzzles and other stimulating activities. Prefer an outdoor enthusiast without children. Sound like a loving match? Come meet me!

Upon first meeting Hooch, he is a calm and obedient boy.  Hooch will lean against the kennel door and offer his side for you to pet him.  However, once the leash is secured and he is brought into the play yard, Hooch is now outside of his comfort zone.  At first glance, this behavior is misunderstood as standoffish, but this is simply the conditioned behavior of a dog that has never had a consistent owner in his life.  BHS is working hard to socialize Hooch, and is making great improvements each month, but it is best that he have a home and owner to call his own.

The ideal owner for this adorable yet misunderstood dog would be one where patience and training can be dedicated to him, and know that the transition will be over time and not immediate.  All who meet Hooch take quite a shine to this sweet dog and feel he may also be a great working dog as well.  He is a smart boy who is eager to please and would benefit from consistent mental stimulation.  If you know anyone or an organization that could provide a future for Hooch, please contact us.


Written by John Robertson

Shop or Adopt? : Why a Shelter Pet Gives You More

You’re at that time in your life when you can finally add a furry new member to the family. Whatever your lifestyle, you must decide where to go to get your pet. Most people are usually faced with two options for choosing a new dog or cat: local animal shelters and stores/breeders. Choosing between the two can be a tough choice, but if you weigh out the pros and cons of each, the answer shouldn’t surprise you. Right?

You might have to be patient to find that purebred Golden Retriever or Poodle puppy you’ve always wanted in a shelter, but the shelter is full of incredible, loving mutts who would be forever grateful for being rescued.

Adoption counsels work hard to ensure you find the perfect match for your lifestyle and family. But most importantly, by adopting from a shelter, you are not only saving the life of one animal, but many. Adopting an animal reduces the number of homeless animals and combats overpopulation through support of spay and neuter efforts.

Your Support In Action – Guapo

Guapo, an 8 year old pit bull mix,  has had a couple rough breaks in life. He originally arrived at our shelter in 2008 as a transfer from another shelter that had found him running around as a stray. They were rapidly running out of space for stray dogs, so they sent him to us. “Guapo” is Spanish for “handsome”, and boy does this dog live up to it! Everyone he met was immediately struck by his sweet, easygoing temperament and he found a home in no time.  Unfortunately for Guapo his situation once again took a turn for the worse in August when his owner had to give him up due to losing his home, and our brave boy is back with us in his senior years.

Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.
Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.

Guapo also has some special needs; he has lost a lot of weight mostly due to the fact that his tongue doesn’t function normally and needs to have his food/water bowls elevated along some help with eating. He is also positive for heartworm disease and will need to start treatment as soon as he settles into his foster home. But Guapo doesn’t let his medical issues get him down and is a happy fun loving dog who has won the heart of every person he’s met!

Your support of our organization has ensured that not only were we able to take Guapo back in, we were in a position to be able to treat his heartworms and accommodate his special needs. Your support has also allowed for the creation of a strong foster program, so that dogs like Guapo don’t have to stay in a stressful kennel environment while they recover from their illnesses. Thank you so much for your support, we count on it and hope you will continue to help us save the lives of homeless animals in our community.


Mixed Breeds vs. Purebred Pets


Pets are treasured as family members in millions of homes around the world. Many studies show that people who have pets tend to be happier, more independent and feel more secure than those without pets.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing your new pet. The first decision you must make is what kind of pet you would like to get. The key to enjoying a healthy and satisfying relationship with your new pet is to realistically choose one whose size and personality are most compatible with your lifestyle.

There is a longstanding debate in the animal lover community about the benefits of owning a purebred pet versus a mixed breed. There are of course pros and cons to each, and your decision depends heavily on what you value in a pet.

Purebreds are usually easier to predict, both in terms of how large they will grow and what they will look like in addition to what you can expect from their personalities. They might be a better choice if you have specific qualities you are looking for in a pet, or if you plan to show them. On the other hand, a mixed breed pet would be a truly unique, one-of-a-kind friend. And if you get one as an adult, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what size they are and what their personality is like. Mixed breed animals are also less prone to developing genetically inherited diseases, and tend to live longer, healthier lives than their purebred counterparts.

At the end of the day, whether you prefer a purebred or a one-of-a-kind companion, there are plenty of both in need of adoption at animal shelters and rescue groups across the country. As a nation we can solve the problems of pet overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia in shelters, by opening our minds, hearts and homes to shelter animals. Most shelters or rescue groups have photos and descriptions of adoptable animals listed on their websites or at Petfinder.org, which allows you to browse listings and search nationwide for specific types of pets.

Your Support In Action – Nicodemus

Nicodemus A22495760 with new mom Sara1
Nicodemus about to go home with his new mom, Sara!

Nicodemus came to us as a stray with old, badly healed injuries in his legs (possibly the result of abuse, our vet thought he had been shot by a BB gun) after he had been hit by a car. We asked out followers to donate money for his x-rays so we could figure out exactly where and what his injuries were so we could fix them. We determined that in addition to his earlier troubles, he also suffers from arthritis and will have to be on pain medication for the rest of his life. This complication, along with the fact that black cats have a hard time finding homes even when they are in perfect health, held this sweet boy back for several months as he came back and forth from his examinations, x-rays and treatments.

Despite this rough start in life, Nicodemus retained his strong spirit and zest for life, and when you opened the door to his cage you opened the door to his heart as he purred and purred and nuzzled your hands. Animals are amazing, aren’t they? Despite the many hurdles and abuse they can sometimes face, they have hearts as big as the sky and only want to love and be loved.

Now Nicodemus’s wait is over, and he’s off to his forever home with Sara. This happy resolution to Nicodemus’s story would not have been possible without your donations to our Second Chance Fund. We are so grateful to everyone who donated, and Nicodemus and Sara are too!