Press Release: Last Cats Taken from Hoarder; First Cats Available for Adoption May 2


First Group of Rescued Cats Available for Adoption at BHS Beginning May 2

(Chico, CA) – Today the last group of cats residing with a local hoarder has been taken into custody by Butte Humane Society (BHS.)  Forty more cats were found to be hiding throughout the residence, bringing the total number of rescued cats to 136. More than 60 cats are currently being housed at BHS.

BHS will be the primary adoption agency for the rescued cats, and the first cats are being spayed and neutered today (May 1) and will be available for adoption on May 2. The BHS Cat Adoption Center is open 12-6pm every day, and is located at 587 Country Drive in Chico. Photos of available cats will also be added to the adoption listings at

Since BHS does not have the space to take in all 136 cats at once, other agencies and foster homes are temporarily housing many of the cats and will transfer them to BHS when space becomes available. Adopters are needed quickly so that more rescued cats can be spayed or neutered and become available for adoption. If you are not able or interested in adopting a cat yourself, you can still assist BHS by encouraging adoption to your friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Despite the crowded conditions in their previous home, the cats show no visible signs of neglect and are healthy and friendly. The ages range from young kittens to young adults, and many are “polydactyl” having extra toes on each paw. A few cats are less socialized and would be happiest as “barn cats” to keep down rodent populations on the adopter’s property.

Because of the limited space at BHS and the other agencies involved, foster homes for the rescued cats are also greatly needed. Foster volunteers will care for one or more cats in their own home until space becomes available at the BHS Cat Adoption Center or are matched with an adopter. To find out more about becoming a foster volunteer, email

Butte Humane Society is an independent nonprofit organization located in Chico, CA and is completely funded by community donations. Since BHS is absorbing most of the costs of preparing these cats for adoption, including evaluation, medical care, vaccinations and spay & neuter, donations are greatly needed. You may donate online securely at, or via phone at (530) 343-7917 x135, or via cash or check at the BHS Administrative Office at 2580 Fair St., Chico, CA 95928.


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Contact: Dustin Alexander
Telephone: 530.343.7917 x135
Address: 2580 Fair St, Chico, CA 95928

Meet Our Matchmakers: Brittany Bickers

Here’s what Brittany has to say about being an Adoption Counselor. “Helping families or individuals find a furry companion brings joy to my day. My favorite part about being an adoption counselor would be the the sheer joy I get when we find a perfect match. When a person tells me their reason for adopting a particular animal is “they adopted us”, you cant help but to be overwhelmed with excitement for them and that animal.”

Brittany’s favorite adoption story: “My favorite adoption would probably be when I did Lolo’s adoption. Lolo, at the time, was a 10 year old yellow lab. Some people tend to be turned off by an animals age, they want an animal who is younger and can share many years with them. Lolo’s adopter was a younger female who came in and just fell in love with Lolo’s sweet personality and just knew she had to take her home.”


Meet Our Matchmakers: Kathy Fowler

When asked about why she loves her job, Kathy said: “I’ve been fostering pets for many years and have personally been adopting special needs animals as well, so what better job for me than as an adoptions counselor with BHS where I can continue to match companion animals and people, and help save lives every day.  Every time a home or a foster home is found, that is two lives saved as it allows another animal to be rescued.  Three lives even, if you count the adopters who often say their new pet has saved them too!”

As for her favorite adoption story, Kathy recalls the adoption of Biscuit. “Biscuit is a 10 year old large breed dog that was surrendered.  This adoption was especially wonderful as I am passionate about older animals, and Biscuit is one of them.  The older animals have different needs, but still have many years left to give.  Not everyone realizes this, but Taylor Bergh and his girlfriend did.  They were very happy to meet Biscuit, and he was very happy with them.  He ran, played, rolled, and kept asking for more attention from them – he had found his family and he was letting them know it!  Most people prefer puppies, so it is great to see the younger adopters caring so much about the older animals and realizing that they too have value.  The seniors always seem to make it known that they appreciate their new homes and what was done for them.”

Meet Our Matchmakers: Trent Burnham

Trent is the Adoptions Manager at BHS, and when he was asked what his favorite thing about being an adoptions counselor was he replied:

“It always makes me smile to watch people immediately open up and act differently when I bring a dog out for a meet and greet.  A gruff stern man goes to a knee, a baby talks, an older women jumps out of her seat to go find a ball to throw, or a disorganized family comes together and all get excited about the new pet.  Animals bring out something different in everyone I meet.”

Trent’s favorite match that he made was the adoption of a dog called Kingston (pictured below):


“Kingston and his owner Zachary is a match I will never forget.  Kingston had been exposed to rabies and had to be put on a 6 month quarantine.  In that time I worked with him to keep him mentally and physically stimulated and we grew very close.  When the day finally came for Kingston to go up into adoptions I was excited to find him a new home and not but a couple of days after Zachary and his wife came in to view Kingston. When I learned Zachery worked in the snow for long periods of time away from home I knew Kingston was the kind of dog he needed.  Zachary was looking for a friend who could keep him safe, keep him warm, and offer companionship so he did not grow lonely.  Needless to say Kingston fit the bill and now the two are great friends.”

Jack Update #2

Jack is recovering very well in his foster home! Here’s what his foster mom has told us so far: “He is currently living in my home with 2 other dogs and a cat. He gets along great with all of them. He is healing so well from surgery. He loves to run around and play. He is very people oriented. Since the day I brought him home he has stuck by my side. Jack is a cuddler! When you sit on the ground he will come right up and make himself comfortable in your lap, he loves to sleep in bed with me and throughout the entire night he is curled up next to my side. For being a puppy, he is very well behaved. He is house trained, and has never had an accident in the house. Overall he is just very sweet. loving, and has such a fantastic personality. ”

Jack is getting closer to making a full recovery every day and should be up for adoption soon. Thanks once again to everyone who donated to his Second Chance!