Volunteer Spotlight: Kim & Mary S.


Joining the BHS team 11 months ago, Kim and Mary S. have put in time at our warehouse and cats adoptions and have been a great addition to our team! This past month, Kim and Mary went above and beyond with helping us out. With one of our main warehouse volunteers being absent for the month, this lovely couple really stepped up to do the extra work. As we can assume, doing laundry and cleaning cat supplies may not be the most fun, but they recognize how important of a job it is and took it upon themselves to make sure it got done. Not only have they been working in the warehouse this month, but they also took the time to socialize with our cats, and volunteer to clean for our cats over at PetSmart which are equally as important jobs!

On top of all the volunteering these two have done, they even donated a much needed freezer to our dogs adoptions office. Thanks to them we are now able to offer the dogs frozen kongs to keep them entertained while in their kennels.

Everyone here at BHS values and appreciates everything Kim and Mary do and we are lucky to have them!

Clinic Corner: Dental Care

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Dental Care

Proper dental care plays a big role in the health of your pet. By the age of 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease. “Doggy breath” is not normal and can be a sign of tartar and plaque buildup that causes gingivitis, gum disease, and periodontal disease (yes, your pets can get those diseases too!). Left untreated, dental disease can affect your pet’s vital organs and can shorten their life. Thankfully, pet dental issues are easy to prevent, and if caught early enough, can be treated. For prevention at home, pets benefit greatly from having their teeth brushed 2-3 times per week for 30-60 seconds each time. There are flavored toothpastes and toothbrushes made specifically for your cat or dog. Dental treats and chew toys are also a great way to prevent plaque and tartar build up. It is recommended that your pet has a professional dental exam and cleaning after the age of 2 and continue to have professional cleanings once per year while maintaining at-home prevention. The Butte Humane Society clinic offers affordable dental cleaning services for your pets to help keep them as happy and healthy as possible. Contact our office today to schedule your pet’s dental exam!

Sweet Success: Mr. Kitty

IMAG1635_1_1Written by loving adopter, Jennifer S.

I found Mr. Kitty wandering alone in my apartment complex. He was skinny, dirty and covered in fleas but extremely friendly and started purring the minute I picked him up. After asking around, it became apparent that someone had left him behind or dumped him here. My boyfriend and I had never owned a cat but we knew he needed some help. We would leave food and water outside our door and let him in when he came by.

We set up an appointment with Butte Humane to get him adopted into a permanent home. But when the time came to say goodbye, it was harder than we thought. We only lasted two days before going back to get him. I was surprised that he had already been neutered, vaccinated and tested by the vet staff. I immediately signed the paper work and made things official.

Now Mr. Kitty is adjusting to life as an indoor cat. He sleeps in between our heads at night and loves to be rocked like a baby. It is crazy to think someone could just abandon such a sweet boy but we feel so lucky to have him in our lives.

While Mr. Kitty was only there for two days, I am so thankful to the staff at Butte Humane for caring got him and getting him healthy again. Everyone was so nice and helpful.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jaime J.

26904666_1793858460636074_6638630684944677351_nAfter knowing about BHS for 20+ years, Jaime decided to start volunteering with us this past summer and we couldn’t be happier about it! Due to some back injuries, she was in a state of immobility which actually sparked her interested in volunteering. It was hard for her to go from her active lifestyle to being stuck on the couch, so in order to start feeling like herself again, she decided to do something for others. She slowly was able to start taking dogs on longer walks and believes it helped the healing process begin. Since starting here, Jaime has been doing a lot of work both on and off site.

Now that she is feeling better, she is preparing to venture out far and wide to inspire others to donate and adopt by showing them the best side of having a rescue dog. She became inspired after watching sad and negative commercials and realizing this is not a fair portrayal of what shelter dogs are really like. Accompanied by our beloved Nutmeg, she will be traveling across the country, stopping at dog friendly destinations hoping to get her message out there and bring more attention to the matter. Jaime has been doing a lot of work outside of the shelter in order to prepare for her trip including researching destinations, reaching out to dog shelters and rescue facilities, setting up events and interacting with other advocates. Oh, and turning her truck into a tiny house!

We wish you the best of luck Jaime, and thank you for all the hard work you are doing!

Hurry down to Secret Trail Brewery today (02/01/18) between 3:00pm and 6:00pm where $1 of every pint purchased goes toward Jaime and Nutmeg’s adventure fund.

Sweet Success: Pippa

IMG_5964Written by loving adopter, Amy V.

My ten year old daughter, Lily, had been asking and asking if she could have a dog. Our response was always, “We don’t need another dog.” or “We don’t need three dogs,” to which she replied that we used to have three dogs, so that reason didn’t really hold up! After asking continuously for months, we finally told her she could have a dog if she saved the money to get a dog. So, about a year later, she had the money! The entire time she was saving, she was searching the web for available dogs. Lily had it in her mind that she wanted to rescue a dog rather than buy one from a breeder.  She spent months visiting rescue websites and shelters in any town that we happen to be visiting. She had several heartbreaks as we arrived too late to adopt one she had her eye on, sometimes only minutes too late! Then she found Pippa…

The adoption process went amazingly well. My daughter found her picture on the website. She asked us if we could call and ask to meet her. Her dad called and set up an appointment to meet her, since she was in a foster home. We went to meet her a few days later, and I could tell that she would be a good match for our family, but my daughter was unsure. She wanted to be sure she wasn’t rushing in to it just because she was cute. The shelter staff mentioned that we IMG_4515could put a hold on her and she could think about it overnight without having to worry about her being adopted by someone else. She was very grateful for that suggestion! We took the night to talk and sleep on it and she woke up the next morning knowing she was the one! We went back over to the shelter and the same two staff members who had helped us the day before were working. I wish I could remember their names, they were both fantastic! They were professional and made my daughter feel very comfortable and not pressured! They were very thorough and clear with all of the paperwork and information.

Lily decided to keep the name the shelter staff gave the dog, it fits her well! Her personality is playful, and she has a great temperament. She fits in with our family of 4 humans, and two other dogs very well! It’s almost as if she were meant to be with our family. We also have a large extended dog family and Pippa gets along with all of them. We love how her tongue sticks out, most often when she is relaxed or asleep! Although, sometimes if she has done something naughty, she will look at you with her tongue out almost as if she knows how cute she is and to say, “I’m not a bad dog!!” Pippa is incredibly smart and she loves to snuggle up with Lily at night. Thank you so much for an amazing experience for our family!