Sweet Success: Pumpkin & Raven

IMG_8330Written by loving adopter, Willow R.

Morris is now Pumpkin and Kiera is now Raven and they are the two little loves of my life! Pumpkin and Raven are the first cats I’ve ever owned and adopting them makes me wonder why I hadn’t gotten cats sooner because they are two little characters with so much personality and they are so loving and affectionate. Pumpkin is my little rambunctious, outgoing boy, while Raven is my little shy, sweet girl, and the two of them just compliment each other so well. Raven was very shy and afraid at first when I brought her home and hid much of the first week until she got adjusted. Pumpkin has completely brought her out of her shell and she is now just as curious and playful and rambunctious as he is, but is still a little on the shy side until she warms up to you. They are growing bigger everyday and are blossoming into two healthy, happy, playful, affectionate, smart, and well behaved kitties. We live with a 4 month old Blue Heeler puppy who is very sweet and has a ton of energy but she is doing good with the kitties as we’ve been slowly introducing them to each other. Pumpkin loves the puppy and waits outside my roommate’s door to see the puppy and rub up against her and play with her. Raven is shy and still hasn’t warmed up the puppy quite yet but she is getting better and I know with time they will all become a little family and live comfortably and happily together once adjusted.

Sweet Success: Davos

IMG_20180719_165607_404Written by loving adopters, the Thomas Family

Matthew is wonderful. He is now called Davos, we are big Game of Thrones fans in our house. He has adjusted to life in our home wonderfully. We have two older cats, Tyrion (3) and Duncan (2), who absolutely love him. He wasn’t too sure when he first came home but within a couple of days they were eating, sleeping and playing together. He fetches and is so playful and loving.  What a great fit for our family. We are so thankful to have found him.

Sweet Success: Ewok

IMG-0543Hi, I’m Ewok. I am a 7 month old Pitbull Mix. I came to BHS with my 13 siblings when we were just 5 weeks old. My family is what BHS endearingly refers to as a “foster failure”, meaning that while fostering me they decided I was too adorable, sweet. and smart to give back. So, they adopted me!

My family is a great fit for me and I love snuggling on the couch with them. I also enjoy walking in the park, especially when there is water involved. Training is coming along nicely – I have taught the small humans to play fetch, and the big humans now give me treats when I perform a variety of actions.
I am very happy in my home and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
(Written by Ewok, via mind control. Seriously.)

Sweet Success: Trixie

Trixie 2Written by loving adopter, Mark K.

Twix and I are doing very well. In fact, she now goes by the name of Trixie. It is just her and I in my home. No other humans or pets. She had very big shoes to fill as Molly, my companion of 16 years sadly passed away recently. She was also a black cat. I am very happy to say that Trixie is more than filling Molly’s shoes. She is an amazing cat. If you remember her, you probably already know that. When I first met her at the shelter, she allowed me to pet her belly. That really impressed me as most cats don’t seem to like or allow that. She loves people and loves attention. And man does she like to play! She’ll chase a little cat toy;  clear plastic ball with mini balls inside it for hours or until it gets stuck under furniture. The only small issue we are dealing with is her habit of clawing the carpet. Otherwise there are no complaints. I really enjoy coming home from work each day and having her there at the door waiting to greet me. She has become very vocal over the last few weeks and has a lot to say when I get home. She has a HUGE appetite for a cat her size and eats two bowls of food a day! I truly could not have envisioned ending up with a better cat.

Sweet Success: Cali

IMG_9870Written by intern, loving foster, adopter’s roommate Cassie T.

Cali, who was previously Delta, was the last of the 14 “Alphabet Puppies” at BHS in Spring of 2018. My roommates and I fostered 7 puppies at various times, and fell in love with each and every one of them. Many of them were quickly adopted, and Cali was the first to find a home. Unfortunately, her adopter was unable to keep her and she was returned shortly after being adopted. My roommates and I weren’t opposed to adopting (and who wouldn’t want a sweet puppy), but we knew this was a sign that she belonged with us.

Cali, who is almost 6 months old, has made herself at home in our house and our hearts. She still has lots to learn, but is the warmest welcome to come home to every day! While she is a great cuddle buddy, she has so much puppy energy that she loves to get rid of on walks and playing with other furry friends! We occasionally see some of her siblings around Chico, and she loves being reunited with her brothers and sisters.

Thank you BHS for bringing this sweet girl into our lives. As always, Adopt Don’t Shop!