Sweet Success: Charlie

charlie-1Written by Jessica M., loving adopter

“The overall adoption process was very easy. To be honest, I made the decision to adopt a dog on a whim. I went in with some friends and we looked at a few different dogs; some were recommended by staff, and some we picked out based on their personalities in the kennels. All the dogs were sweet in their own way, but none stuck out to me as “the one.” After we had seen 4 or 5 dogs that were not quite right, the staff member helping us said she had one more in mind that was not on display but he was a high energy dog like I had been looking for. When she brought out Charlie, the first thing I noticed was his coloring. His striking black and white face was beautiful and his brown eyes had a very intense gaze. Unlike the other dogs that had been more excited to explore the room, Charlie came right up to us! He stood his front paws on my lap and just put his face right next to mine. He still does this when people sit on the ground with him.

charlie-2I love almost everything about Charlie! Anyone who has met him will tell you he is a very special dog. He has a few neurotic tendencies though… He really does not like ceiling fans, and car rides are tough unless I’m the one driving (weird right?). My favorite thing about Charlie, is our bond. He has pretty much attached himself to me. I have never met a dog more loyal or responsive. He knows well over 30 words and phrases which has made training our second dog a breeze. She takes all her cues from Charlie which helps her pick up on things faster.

I have grown a lot since adopting Charlie. He is my number one adventure partner and I cannot imagine hiking without him. He and I spend most weekends exploring San Diego together and I base most of my hikes around whether or not he can come. He has helped me get into better shape and will be helping me train to hike Mt. Whitney this summer! Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the trail to the summit, but you better believe he will be on every possible hike leading up to the big trip!

I would absolutely recommend adopting an animal from BHS to anyone. Go in with an open mind and an open heart. You never know how some little furry creature will change your life!”

Sweet Success: Ralph

sweet-success-ralphWritten by Beth H-G., loving adopter

I knew he was the one on that Monday. I went into the room and he ran right up to me. I sat on that little white bench and he jumped up on my lap and really would not get down. I even took one of my lunch breaks and zipped out there, I believe a day or two later, and then on that final day when I went in again, he ran up to me like a dog from across the room and again he jumped up on my lap! The overall adoption process was professional and easy actually. When the adoption was becoming more final we were able to find out even more information about him and we were reassured that he was the cat for us.

We love that Ralph is independent and that even though sweet-success-ralph-2he was supposed to be our teenager’s birthday gift, his favorite of the five of us is really our 16-year-old daughter. She can hold him like a baby, when given the choice he will gravitate toward her instead of myself or my husband or my other two kids. My husband loves playing with him and giving him scratches. He loves sleeping up on our bed and he loves cuddling in a soft blanket. We spoil him and every morning when he comes in, he jumps up on the kitchen counter and we give him a fresh glass of water! It’s become quite a habit for him. Of course he has his own bowl of water next to his food but he would rather take the water that we give him at that moment.

We are really very fortunate to have Ralph in our lives!

Sweet Success: Mr. Puff!



Written by Shelby W, loving adopter

“I actually started working with BHS in August. I wasn’t really looking for another kitty but it is hard not to fall in love with some of them! Not too long after I started, Mr. Puff showed up with a litter of kitties. He was shy and scared of the new environment. I loved seeing him and watching him grow. He was there so much longer than I expected him to be! But obviously he was meant to join my family. He went to free roam and we instantly bonded. I knew it was time for me to take him home! Thank you BHS!”

We are so glad that Mr. Puff has found a happy home!

Sweet Success: Sherlock and Watson!



Written by Racheal B., loving adopter

“My boyfriend and I have adopted two cats from Butte Humane Society, and our little family is a definite success to us!

When we adopted our first cat Sherlock, a one-year-old male tabby (he was already named Sherlock and we loved it), he had just been returned to BHS because he wasn’t cuddly. We adopted him knowing that he wasn’t lap cat material, and we have respected that. But since coming to live with us, he has been sleeping at our feet at night, rubbing his face on us, and walking us to his food bowl each morning. He is a tough guy, but he’s a marshmallow in secret, and he loves showing off to company and playing in the bath!

A year after adopting Sherlock, we got him a friend, Watson, who was part of a litter of black kittens at BHS. Watson is the opposite of Sherlock in that he loves to snuggle and be carried around and vocalize his feelings. We also share a mutual love of bacon!

In the two years they’ve been together, Sherlock and Watson have basically turned out just like their literary counterparts, and we all couldn’t be happier. BHS really facilitated our little fur family, and for that we are grateful!”

We are so glad that Sherlock and Watson found their homes, and thankful for the love their new owners have shown!

Sweet Success: Timon!

img_3865By Kelli H., loving adopter 

When my boyfriend and I first saw Timon in the shelter we fell in love with his energetic personality and his love to play. We could tell he loves being in a house where he can run freely and let out all of his energy. He has six human brothers and caring parents who play with him a lot and give him love. He likes to stare out windows, talk to the neighborhood cats, do parkour off of the couches and play on the bed sheets when we make the bed. We are so lucky to have him in our lives!”

We are so happy that Timone found his forever home and is so loved by his new owners!