Celebrating Low Cost Spay & Neuter

Ribbon cutting for Butte Humane Society Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic and Cat Adoption Center
Chico Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

A great time was had Thursday night, December 2, at the new Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic and Cat Adoption Center. Past president and long time supporter Geri Lee, ambassador for the Chico Chamber of Commerce, MC’d the event and approximately 60 people came to celebrate with us.

I had one enthusiastic woman say to me “this is the end of homelessness for so many animals”. She could not be more on the money…it truly is!

After looking at models all over the country, in an effort to cut down on pet homelessness and euthanasia, we decided as an animal rescue organization we would take the risk and open a Low Cost Spay & Neuter facility. This model in other cities have realized a a significant decrease in animals entering shelters and in some cases a negative population growth. While we won’t see the effects of this for a few years, it is a start and it was a risk we were willing to take for the animals.

The event was fantastic. Supporters included many Chamber ambassadors, Mayor Anne Shwab, our Assistant City Manager – John Rucker, Jaime Veglia from the Police Department, our dedicated volunteers and staff and long time donors and supporters. It was a wonderful turnout.

I think what I was most excited about is that we had 60 people in the room dedicated to making sure that the word of Spay and Neuter is spread in our community. We were able to reach out to people who had no idea that we take in 19 more animals per 1000 people than the majority of shelters in the country. They had no idea that we perform low cost vaccinations and microchipping. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about the good work that Butte Humane Society does and recognize our amazing volunteers and staff.

I would also like to recognize three of the most deserving of praise for putting this clinic together; Armeda Ferrini, Judy Alberico and Barbara Smith. Their dedication and drive to make the clinic and shelter happen was insurmountable. They worked night and day for months on end to make it happen and we thank them for that…we truly do.

It is truly a celebration to have this facility in our community and we hope that you all embrace us and help us make it a success.

The following is a link to the pricing and details of the clinic and Cat Adoption Center.

I look forward to seeing many of you out there soon.


In awe!

Spay & Neuter Clinic and Cat Adoption Center
Available cats at the Cat Adoption Center

I have been waiting for the “perfect” time to do my “perfect” first blog post. I have been putting it off for a week now because I kept thinking the first post must be “perfect”. Silly me…I decided to throw that thinking out and just do it!

So here I go –  it is 10:30pm and I just got back from the shelter and clinic I figure why don’t I talk about my night and some of our staff. Hope that is ok with you! 🙂

We are gearing up for the Chico Chamber of Commerce Ribbon cutting tomorrow night to celebrate the opening of the new Spay & Neuter Clinic and Cat Adoption Center. We still have to get all the food and a few miscellaneous items, but we are almost ready. I spent the majority of the night with the volunteer marketing committee decorating the garage at the clinic so that it looks nice for our visitors tomorrow. When I was there, I got a chance to spend about 20 minutes with the cats and kittens up for adoption. It always feels great when you can take a few minutes to breathe and be with the animals you work hard to save every day.

When I was about to leave at around 8:45…Dustin (one of our dedicated staff members who works in our fundraising department) and I realized that we didn’t have a key to lock up the clinic OOPS, so we called on Shannon (another dedicated staff member) who works weekday adoptions and weekday morning transport – she has a key! She said she “would be happy to come and lock up for us”. She apparently was headed to the clinic anyway to pull food for an kitten that was going for spay/neuter in the morning. So I am sitting there thinking “WOW what dedicated staff we have…she is going to come back off the clock to pull food so an animal can go for spay and neuter in the morning“. “How lucky are we to have this kind of staff member?”

After the lock up,  I left Dustin working back at the admin office – he was working on the artwork for our Holiday fundraising campaign. I told him to “go home” as I left, but he insisted that he still had too much to do. (Dustin typically puts in a 70-80 hr week – I know this because I work closely with him and work many of those wee hours with him via phone and internet – he is an amazing dedicated staff member.)

I know that these are only two examples of staff working extra hard and there are so many others – I hope to tell more about them as I post more on this blog.

Anyway – I thought this was a “perfect” post for my first blog entry because one of the things we have always struggled with is telling our public how hard we all work, and truly what it takes to run a shelter and get our animals adopted. It really does take that extra “off the clock” time and lots of staff and volunteers to get it all done.

I am very PROUD to be a part of this organization and I am very proud of our staff….how hard they work and their dedication to their job – on or off the clock. I guess what drives them is the very same thing that drives me to do what I do for the shelter;  when I am at the shelter and I watch someone leave with their new best friend – it makes the early mornings, late nights and the occasional heartache all go away. I feel lucky to be a part of making that connection happen for that person and that animal.

So for my first post – I want to thank the staff and let them know I see how hard they work, I know the effort they put in and what they deal with. I am there with you and I appreciate what you do. Thank you for being there for the animals and thank you for being there for BHS – we could not do it without you!


P.S. Trent – you rock!!!

Welcome to the new Butte Humane Society Blog!

Kristen Staggs - President, Board of Directors
Kristen Staggs - President, Board of Directors

Welcome everyone. I hope that you all visit us often as this will be a place for open communication and hopefully some great feedback from our supporters.

I hope to post weekly myself (maybe more) and we have our fantastic staff members who would also like to talk about what they do and what goes on in their departments.

If there is a topic that you would like to discuss, or a question that you would like answered please email us at blog@buttehumane.org and we will do our best to address it.

We look forward to connecting with you and we hope to meet you all soon.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Kristen Staggs
President, Board of Directors