CSU, Chico: Kennel Presentation

kennelsWritten by Sierra Straube, freshman at CSU, Chico

At first when we got this project we thought this was just going to be another assignment, but when we all got to Butte Humane Society and met the animals it became much more personal. We are a group of freshman from a Communications class at Chico State, and we were assigned a presentation project that included doing a civic action that affected the community. We thought let’s go to the Butte Humane Society and volunteer our help!

After talking to BHS, we found out how easy it is to volunteer for them. When we first walked into the animal shelter you could not help but notice how kennel presentation affects the way you see these adorable animals. We realized how important this aspect is in the way people make their decisions to adopt these animals or not. Many people walk into the dog kennels and notice that the dogs may be barking a lot, seem nervous, or jumpy and they associate this with the dog’s character. That accusation is entirely false, the dogs in the shelter are nervous and jumpy because they are going through an unstable living situation. While being kept in small, suitable spaces, many cannot see around the corners and are startled when a family unexpectedly walks up to their kennel. The nervousness, jumpiness, and barking are just a reaction of being in their situation rather than a reflection of their personality.

The whole experience with Butte Humane Society has been a real pleasure and a great experience for us. They have displayed such warmth and love towards these animals and truly care for their well-being. However they could always use an extra hand from volunteers! Volunteering at BHS is as simple as filling out an application, attending a session, and getting a Volunteer shirt – then you’re in!

Learn more about volunteering at www.buttehumane.org/volunteer

Volunteer Appreciation: Bona fide Bill

BillCWritten by Honey Souza, volunteer coordinator

Christmas came a couple of weeks early for us in 2015 when Bill C. stepped through our doors. Quiet and courteous, we never would have taken him for the type to tend to our most challenging dogs. And when I say “tend to”, I mean that he casts his magical spell on our most fearful and boisterous dogs and turns them into puddles of mush.

“I would trust Bill with any of our dogs, any time,” says BHS Behaviorist Meagan D. “He has a HUGE positive impact on our dogs and we are very grateful for him. We love him.” His continuous smile is infectious, especially when you see him and a dog jogging to and fro, no matter the weather.

Bill volunteers two-three times a day, every day. The only time he doesn’t is when he goes home to Oregon for the weekend. And wouldn’t you know…he takes one of our dogs with him and works with them up there. Recently he and his wife adopted one of our hardest cases to a family in Ashland.

In the few months that Bill has been volunteering with us, not only has he donated much needed items like leashes and quality toys, but he has donated over 330 hours of his time. That’s almost two months of full time work!

Since Bill’s been with us, the dogs are happier and operations are running more smoothly. Now that we have him, we don’t know what we’d do without him. Thank you Bill!

Adventures of Indiana & Peanut

IMG_2540Written by Alexis George

As we prepared to trek across America in our little Subaru with our already adopted 6 year old chihuahua, Peanut, we thought to ourselves she might be happier with a travel buddy… That’s when we started looking into rescuing another chihuahua, and found Indiana at the Butte Humane Society. We named him after Indiana Jones because of all the amazing adventures he was about to go on!

We drove down from Reno, NV to meet Indy and fell in love right away! He had been at the shelter for a month due to his age of 5 years, but let us tell you, he is a puppy at heart. Just as soon as we got him into the car for the ride back up the mountain, he felt like part of the family, all bonding immediately. He was so happy to join us in his new home and soon there after, life on the road.

We traveled from California to Florida IMG_2143and back over a 2-month period with Peanut & Indy, both traveling amazingly well and having so much fun! Our adventures took them camping, hiking, beach combing, snow playing, chicken farming, and more. Indy is such a loving, friendly little guy. He is literally ALWAYS wagging his tail and makes friends (2 & 4 legged) everywhere he goes.

IMG_0536He and Peanut are best buds, often found cuddling and play wrestling together. If we can’t find either of them we just look for the sunny spot and they will be sprawled out basking together. He is happiest when sitting on our laps sharing his love. It is hard to believe Indy was brought in as a stray, but we’re sure glad he was! As the saying goes, “Who rescued who?!” definitely applies for our family. Indy can make us smile even on the rainy days, which we had plenty of during our travels.

We look forward to more adventures to come with our new family of four.
Many thanks to Butte Humane Society for all that they do to help animals find forever homes. We believe ‘Rescued’ is the best breed and hope you will consider adopting a dog or cat from your local shelter too, in hopes that you’ll feel as lucky as we do! :)

Big Hugs, Warm Wishes, & Puppy Dog Kisses,

Alexis, JohnPaul, Peanut & Indy

Sweet Success: Gunner

Gunner-HeadshotWritten by David Russell, loving owner of Gunner

I adopted Gunner from the Butte Humane Society last summer, after he was surrendered from his home of five years. I came to know him by taking him on walks, while I was volunteering there. It was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made in my short life.

I will not waste your time with the accounts we have come to expect of a loyal companion, left to find refuge in the arms of a gracious stranger. Instead, I need to express to you the enduring love he has shown all who he has rubbed noses with. The grace that Gunner has shown this human population is unparalleled.

Gunner is a Black Lab, approximately 6 years of age. Gunner2Beyond that, he is as human as you or I.

I could sit here, and write how he loves to swim, hike, go for car rides, and cuddle, because he’s good at all of those things. But I think I would be discounting his truest, favorite thing in life. Gunner’s passion in life seems to be to make another person happy. For him, it is just that simple.

When I adopted him, he was missing most of his back hair, had a challenging skin condition, and his front teeth were tragic. Together, we managed those afflictions. Still, he is the one who gave me a good home.

Gunner1When the end of a long-term relationship, with my once best friend was at its obvious demise, he was there for me. When she finally left, he sensed my loss, and became only closer. If anyone is ever having a rough day, he selflessly offers his loving companionship. He always gives his time, and asks for very, very little in return.

All that he ever wants is a belly rub, and the respect he deserves. If only we could all be that wise and compassionate.

Thank you to the staff of the BHS for entrusting him to me!

Have a Sweet Success to share? Email your story to chelseabeights@buttehumane.org!

Volunteer Appreciation: Marty S.

martyOur volunteers are the life blood of our humane work here at BHS, and we’d like to take time to recognize those who go above and beyond to make sure our furry animals are loved and comfortable.

One such individual is Marty S., who has been with us for five years and has selflessly donated nearly 800 hours of her time; most of which is spent doing laundry and dishes. She also spends quite a bit of time walking the fat cats on harnesses and socializing the stubborn, cranky cats. She’s a retired school teacher who travels the US to play her fife in Civil War reenactments and other events.

Watch our video appreciation of Marty on Vimeo!

To become a volunteer like Marty, fill out an application HERE.