Tips for Walking in the Heat

loxWe all love spending time outdoors with our furry friends, especially during the summer. However, it is extremely important in the summer months to be aware of how the hot pavement can affect your dog.

When getting ready to go for a stroll, be sure to check the hot pavement. First, feel the pavement you’re planning on walking on. Can you place your hand on it comfortably for 10 seconds? If you can’t, the pavement is too hot for your pets to be walking on. Hot pavement can burn dog’s paw pads, causing blisters and peeling. This would put them in pain and make it hard for them to walk. Early morning or late evening walks would be more comfortable for both you and your furry friend.

Always be sure to carry water with you when walking, and take stops to cool down and rehydrate. Harnesses are also suggested when walking dogs because they are not as tight as collars and they make it easier to control your dog. If you do not have a harness, make sure your dog’s collar is loose enough to be able to fit two fingers in between the collar and the dog’s neck.

Firework Fright: How to Keep Pets Calm

RosieThis 4th of July, make sure to keep your canine companion comfortable during the firework presentation in your community. Fireworks can cause animals to become scared, nervous and can cause the animals to run away if they have access to the outdoors. Animal Control Services across the country typically see an average increase of 30% in lost pets during the firework season.

There are a few ways to tell if your animal is stressed or scared during fireworks. Some of these signs include: panting, pinned ears, avoidance, carrying their tail low, lots of barking, pacing, refusing food and scratching or over-grooming.

To help keep your dog calm during fireworks, try taking them on a long walk that day so that they want to rest during the evening or set up a hangout area for them with familiar toys and bedding. If you can watch the fireworks from your home, it will help your furry friend stay calm if you are with them. Being left alone can increase the nervousness when the loud, unfamiliar noises of the fireworks are happening within earshot.

Along with fireworks, be sure to make sure your furry friend is comfortable, hydrated and out of harm’s way during all Independence Day festivities. It’s a busy day, and we want to make sure our pets are enjoying the holiday as much as we are!

Volunteer Spotlight: Miriam

MiriamWritten by Honey Souza, volunteer coordinator

Meet Miriam!

At BHS, we have a lot of cat people and a lot of dog people, and then we have Miriam. At 22 years of age, Chico State student Miriam Ibarra spends hour upon hour volunteering in all areas of the organization. It seems that everywhere you look she is there, quietly making an undeniably large impact on the organization.

You can always tell when her semester in school is over, because the hours she spends helping BHS between semesters triple. She obviously works hard on her biology degree, but still finds time to help out the animals at BHS. When most students finish a semester they want to take a well deserved break. Not Miriam. And we love her for it!

In June Miriam earned the role of Mentor to other volunteers. We are so excited about that because if she can train new volunteers to do what she does, we would be the luckiest shelter of all.

Thank you Miriam for being an outstanding volunteer.

Sweet Success: Sunshine

sunshine1Written by Taylor Sinclair, BHS Intern

Sunshine, one of our most loving canines, was adopted on Saturday, June 25th at our Mobile Adoptions at the Chico Library! Mobile Adoptions are a great way to see the animals outside the kennel environment and to get to know their personalities.sunshine2

Sunshine had been with us for only a short month, but we had all grown to love her beaming personality so much! Erica, her new owner, was instantly drawn to Sunshine from the moment she started walking up to the library.

“One look into her eyes and I knew she was supposed to come home with us,” said Erica. The connection was instantaneous and an hour later, Erica and her partner Steve, came back with their dog Riley to have a meet and greet between the two dogs and were soon at the Adoption Center posing for an adoption photo with Sunshine.

sunshine3Sunshine is adjusting very well, enjoying her new backyard and her new friends. Sunshine, Riley and their third dog, Ares, have become best buds, roaming around the house as a happy pack. Sunshine has had no trouble making herself feel at home and we could not be more happy she has found her forever family!

Sweet Success: Dooley & Miss Quinn

Miss Quinn and Dooley
Written by Nancy & Everette Acheson

Just a quick note to let you know that the two kitties adopted by our household last month are both settling in and doing great! Dooley (formerly Eric) and Miss Quinn (formerly Tulip) are pictured here, with Quinny a little curious about why I’ve interrupted their morning nap.

The two seemed to have formed some kind of solidarity pact while they were with Butte Humane, and remain devoted to one another. This is very helpful, as Quinn remains quite quiet and timid. However, with each passing day and plenty of patience and playtime, we’re slowly earning her confidence. Dooley, on the other hand? He’s been sleeping on the bed at night and purring like a freight train since the first day we brought him home.

Together, they make delightful companions for each other – and for us! Dooley’s happy, rollicking, cuddly self will continue to allow Quinny to feel at more and more at home. Before we know it, I predict she’ll decide to be a full-on lap cat, just like Dooley. Neither seems to show any interest for the outside (other than enjoying garden views from the windowsills), so they’ll be well-suited and contented as the inside/fireside kitties we were hoping for.

Thanks for providing such a great service to our community, and for sharing these beloved family members with our home!