107th Anniversary Gala Recap

42480557_10217699442226554_7884458635646992384_oThank you to all of our wonderful supporters who helped us Unleash the Future at our 107th Anniversary Gala! With magical & mystical entertainment provided by Paul Draper, a decadent meal from Sierra Nevada, and a visit from some of our furry friends – it was truly a night to remember. The total amount raised is still being calculated, but preliminary numbers show that we raised about $95,000. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such a supportive community, and this money will help us to continue our mission of Saving Lives, Finding Homes, and Inspiring Compassion.

This enchanting evening would not have been possible without the help of our incredible sponsors: Sierra Nevada, Creative Composition, Cooksey Properties, LLC., Courtesy Motors, Ray Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Centers, Urban Couture, Action News Now, Stifel, Dahlmeier Insurance Agency, Inc., RSVP of Northern California, Cleanrite Buildrite, Precision Business Associates, Azad’s Martial Arts, Asset Management Group, Ben Toilets, Westel Communications, Golden Valley Bank, & Feather Falls. We are also thankful for the support of our donors, who donated items for us to use in our auctions!

We could not have imagined a more perfect evening to help raise money for the animals at BHS, and we are so excited for next year’s Gala!

*If you attended the Gala this year, we would love to have your feedback. Please click here to take our survey!

Dental Care

October E-News

Your pet’s dental care doesn’t have to be scary! Did you know that just like people, our dogs and cats get plaque, gingivitis, and ultimately dental disease? Regular dental care is key to keeping your pet happy and healthy for life. The Butte Humane Society Clinic offers affordable dental care for your pets including cleanings and extractions and can provide education on how to care for your pet’s teeth at home! Some facts: By Age 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs will have a form of dental disease; “Doggy Breath” is not normal and is a sign of dental disease; Regular dental care can help your pet live up to 20% longer; If left untreated, dental disease can effect your pet’s vital organs. We recommend dental exams for all cats and dogs two years and older, and in-home brushing is recommended 2-3 times a week starting at five months old. If treatment is needed, our veterinarian will create a treatment plan that is customized to fit your pet’s needs. Is your pet over 2 year old and never had a dental exam? Now is the perfect time to get on track with managing your pet’s dental health! Call us to schedule your appointment today at 530-343-7917 x 202.

Sweet Success: Pumpkin & Raven

IMG_8330Written by loving adopter, Willow R.

Morris is now Pumpkin and Kiera is now Raven and they are the two little loves of my life! Pumpkin and Raven are the first cats I’ve ever owned and adopting them makes me wonder why I hadn’t gotten cats sooner because they are two little characters with so much personality and they are so loving and affectionate. Pumpkin is my little rambunctious, outgoing boy, while Raven is my little shy, sweet girl, and the two of them just compliment each other so well. Raven was very shy and afraid at first when I brought her home and hid much of the first week until she got adjusted. Pumpkin has completely brought her out of her shell and she is now just as curious and playful and rambunctious as he is, but is still a little on the shy side until she warms up to you. They are growing bigger everyday and are blossoming into two healthy, happy, playful, affectionate, smart, and well behaved kitties. We live with a 4 month old Blue Heeler puppy who is very sweet and has a ton of energy but she is doing good with the kitties as we’ve been slowly introducing them to each other. Pumpkin loves the puppy and waits outside my roommate’s door to see the puppy and rub up against her and play with her. Raven is shy and still hasn’t warmed up the puppy quite yet but she is getting better and I know with time they will all become a little family and live comfortably and happily together once adjusted.

Volunteer Spotlight: Rayner & Monica

IMG_4303This month we’re shining the spotlight on two special volunteers, Rayner & Monica!

They started volunteering at BHS about a year ago, and have since accrued 176 hours of service! They both love cats and dogs, which is what motivated them to volunteer for us. Because they are more experienced volunteers, they are able to take our dogs “On the Go” and for bedtime foster. They enjoy D.O.G (Do on the Go) because it allows them to take the pups away from the shelter to discover their true personalities and how well they interact with other people. Bedtime fostering gives the dogs the opportunity for a peaceful night and to experience life at home.

Their first bedtime foster experience was a total accident. They had taken BHS pup Mary on a hike and didn’t make it back to the shelter in time to drop her off, so they kept her overnight. This was the moment they fell in love with bedtime fostering because they could tell the dogs love & appreciate it so much. In the past few months, they have bedtime fostered Mary, Tammy, Hawkeye, Max, Winter, Chloe, & Chessie. It’s made a huge difference for these pups, and we can’t thank Rayner & Monica enough.

When asked about these two awesome volunteers, Dog Behaviorist Shannon said, “Rayner is amazing he’s always taking dogs “on the go” and bed time foster. He’s never afraid of a challenging dog and take dogs who really need a break from the shelter. Very friendly and always willing to help. I don’t know Monica too well but she’s always right there by his side participating in the same way.”


Clinic Corner: Happy, Healthy Cat Month

September E-News (1)

Hello September and Happy, Healthy Cat Month!

Did you know that just like humans, cats need regular care like teeth brushing and cleaning, vaccines, and preventatives to have the best chance at a long healthy life? It’s true! As cats age, they develop common problems that can really effect their health such as gingivitis and dental disease, weight gain, urinary and kidney problems, and much more! The best way to prevent these issues is by seeing your veterinarian for annual health exams to keep their basic preventative treatments and vaccines up to date, and make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible. The best way to treat potential issues with your cat is to catch them early and treat accordingly. The BHS Clinic Team wants to make sure your cat has the best chance at a long, healthy life; which is why during the month of September, in celebration of Happy Healthy Cat Month, we will be offering $5 off all new patient exams as well as $5 off Triple Testing with any new patient exams! Mention this add to claim your offer and call to make an appointment today! 530-343-7917 ext 202.