Clinic Corner: Heartworm Awareness Month

April E-NewsApril is Heartworm Awareness Month! The Butte Humane Society Clinic is a proud member of the American Heartworm Association and we are committed to keeping our clients informed and educated to best protect their pets. Did you know that both cats and dogs have been diagnosed with heartworm in all 50 states? While heartworm is more common in dogs, cats are at risk for contracting heartworms as well.

The best offense is a good defense when it comes to preventing heartworm infections! Because of the large mosquito population in Northern California, there are as few as 6 and as many as 25 confirmed heartworm infections per veterinary clinic in our region! Monthly heartworm prevention should be given for the life of your pet; we recommend that your pet starts on monthly heartworm prevention by the time they are 6 months old and have a heartworm test every year to make sure everything is working as it should.

Unfortunately, if left untreated, heartworm disease can be fatal. Heartworm disease affects the heart, lungs and pulmonary blood vessels of pets and can be fatal to both dogs and cats. Annual testing and monitoring is important- even if they are on heartworm prevention, because prevention (as with human flu vaccines, etc.) are not 100% effective, and infected dogs can be successfully treated. The earlier the infection is caught- the easier it is to treat! There are no approved treatments for cats, but supportive care can help manage complications.

Has it been over a year since your pet’s last heartworm test? Give our clinic a call today to schedule your exam and heartworm test with our vet and pick up your pet’s heartworm prevention prescription today!

Sweet Success: Maya

IMG_8984Written by loving adopters, the Geiger family

Maya allowed us to adopt her from BHS in the Fall of 2016.  We were only at BHS to “look” at the kitties, but my kids immediately fell in love with Maya.  After we spent just a few minutes with her we decided we couldn’t leave without her. Maya came home to join our cat, Sunshine, and our basset hound, Bella.  She adapted and made friends quickly.

Maya is full of personality and has a great sense of humor.  Occasionally she will entertain us by chasing her tail, playing hide and seek or attempting acrobatics beyond her skill level.  She believes in positive reinforcement, and rewards us with nose kisses when we refill her food bowl.  Some of her other favorite past times include:  belly rubs, staring contests, squirrel watching, attacking legos, and plotting world domination.

Maya is definitely one of those cats that makes herself known and we are all happy to know her!

Volunteer Spotlight: Marty S.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 4.10.47 PMWhen volunteers sign up to join our team we ask for a 6 hour a month minimum, but some volunteers go above and beyond that request and Marty S. is one of those volunteers. Marty joined our BHS team in 2011 and over the years she has accumulated over 1,397 hours! She is an incredible volunteer that takes the time to socialize with our cats, giving them the attention they need, and helps us out with the laundry and dishes load.

Marty loves all aspects of volunteering but of course playing with the dogs and cats is her favorite part. She also really enjoys getting to meet potential adopters and working with people who share a desire to make a better life for our furry friends.

Over the years Marty has worked with lots of animals so she of course has had some favorites. When she first started volunteering she started fostering two cats and she loved them so much that she ended up adopting them! Other favorites include a Chihuahua named Hector and a cat named Patrick. Both had great personalities and are incredibly memorable.

Marty told us “every one of them deserves a good home! I’m happy to help make it happen” and Marty we are happy you help make it happen too!

Clinic Corner: Spring into Health

March E-NewsSpring is just around the corner! With the upcoming season change, now is the perfect time to prepare your pets for warmer weather and all that accompanies it! One of the biggest complaints we hear from pet owners as the weather starts to warm up is: the fleas are back! We recommend keeping your pet on a year round flea preventative which helps prevent fleas from ever entering your home- it’s important to make sure your pet is up to date on their flea prevention as warm weather makes them more susceptible to becoming a host for those pesky bugs. Warmer weather also often means spending more time outside for your pets, and specifically more trips to parks or other pet friendly venues for dogs. Make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines before allowing them to visit areas frequented by other animals to help give them the best chance of being protected from catching a virus from a “carrier” or another sick animal. Not sure what treatments or vaccines are best for your pet based on your lifestyle? Has it been longer than a year since your pet’s last check-up with a veterinarian? Vet care for your furry family member isn’t one size fits all, contact our clinic for information on the best options for your pet! (530) 343-7917.

Sweet Success: Nova

IMG_3326Written by loving adopter Megan H.

Hi, my name is Nova. Formerly known as Claire. A few months ago, I was adopted by my wonderful parents Megan and Alex and what can I say, it was the best decision they could have ever made. My humans have the best time taking me outside to smell all the things. Its my favorite activity. My other favorite activity is watching all the dogs play at the dog park. I would play with them, but I can get a little shy so I just sit on the bench with mom and watch. Sometimes I run to meet a new dog and smell all the new smells, but I mostly like hanging out with my parents and just watching all the other dogs have fun.

Oh! My other favorite activity is playing with all my aunts at home. They are quite clumsy and often lose their grip on the tennis ball, but it’s okay. I love them enough to go pick it up for them. Silly humans. My other other favorite activity is cuddling with my parents. Their bed is so soft I can’t help but spread out all the way and take it all up. They don’t seem to mind though because I just have to give them my puppy dog eyes then they are putty in my paws. I have made so many new friends. Making new friends is my favorite. I love dog friends, human friends, cat friends, not so much squirrel friends but that’s okay they don’t seem to like me very much either. Overall, I love my new home and my family seems to love me just as much. I can’t wait to find new favorite things.

Love, Nova (written by owner Megan H. because Nova does not have thumbs)