Euthanasia and Cremation

There is one difficult aspect of sharing your life with a beloved animal – saying goodbye. We hope you have had many years of love and enjoyment with your friend. Regardless of the length of time spent with any loved one, the experience is always worthwhile, although it may be painful for a time. In the case of relationship between a dog or cat and its human companion, it is the person who must make the sometimes difficult decision of when the right time comes to say goodbye.


Butte Humane Society offers low-cost euthanasia and after-care services by appointment only at our Spay & Neuter Clinic.  Please call 530.343.7917 x 202 to schedule an appointment. Price is determined by weight – please refer to the chart below. To minimize stress and handling, please inform us of your animal’s weight beforehand, if known. ***ALL euthanasia appointments require a vet exam with our veterinarian. The exam is $35. Please note that we will not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals.***

 Dogs < 30 lbs  $40.00
 Dogs 30 – 69 lbs  $50.00
 Dogs 70 – 100 lbs  $60.00
 Dogs > 100 lbs  $70.00
 Cats/Rabbits  $30.00
Birds/ Pocket Pets* $15.00
 Exotics Call for quote

Basic Aftercare $15 any size.


Private cremations will be returned to you in an elegant cedar box. You may have the box laser engraved: first two (2) lines is $25.00, and each additional line is $10.00. Paw Print pet memorials are also available for $59.00.

 Private  0 – 2 lbs  $75.00
 3 – 49 lbs  $135.00
 50 – 99 lbs  $165.00
 100 lb or over  $250.00
 Group Cat  $35.00
Dog  $55.00

Butte Humane Society accepts cash and all major credit cards. We do not accept checks except for donations. We do not accept Care Credit.