Volunteer Spotlight: Rayner & Monica

IMG_4303This month we’re shining the spotlight on two special volunteers, Rayner & Monica!

They started volunteering at BHS about a year ago, and have since accrued 176 hours of service! They both love cats and dogs, which is what motivated them to volunteer for us. Because they are more experienced volunteers, they are able to take our dogs “On the Go” and for bedtime foster. They enjoy D.O.G (Do on the Go) because it allows them to take the pups away from the shelter to discover their true personalities and how well they interact with other people. Bedtime fostering gives the dogs the opportunity for a peaceful night and to experience life at home.

Their first bedtime foster experience was a total accident. They had taken BHS pup Mary on a hike and didn’t make it back to the shelter in time to drop her off, so they kept her overnight. This was the moment they fell in love with bedtime fostering because they could tell the dogs love & appreciate it so much. In the past few months, they have bedtime fostered Mary, Tammy, Hawkeye, Max, Winter, Chloe, & Chessie. It’s made a huge difference for these pups, and we can’t thank Rayner & Monica enough.

When asked about these two awesome volunteers, Dog Behaviorist Shannon said, “Rayner is amazing he’s always taking dogs “on the go” and bed time foster. He’s never afraid of a challenging dog and take dogs who really need a break from the shelter. Very friendly and always willing to help. I don’t know Monica too well but she’s always right there by his side participating in the same way.”