Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy M.

volunteer-spotlight-mandyWhen she came to volunteer with Butte Humane Society in early January of this year, Mandy jumped in with both feet. In less than a month, she has accumulated over 100 hours of service!

Mandy helps out in all areas of BHS, and has already completed the Level 2 training for Dogs. She puts in hours at the warehouse, spends time with cats, and works tirelessly to ensure that all of our dogs get their time out of the kennels each day. Not only that, but she attends education seminars and always makes sure to post photos and information about the animals that she works with. The information she provides helps both staff and other volunteers know what the animals need and how to work with them.

Mandy said she came to BHS when she some extra time between classes at Chico State, and quickly found herself getting attached to all of our loving animals. She comes in to volunteer every day that she is not in class, and her dedication is inspiring. Thank you, Mandy, for all that you do for Butte Humane Society. You have truly made a difference and we cannot be more appreciative!