Volunteer Spotlight: Maegan E.

maeganAlthough only starting at the end of February, Maegan E. has quickly become such an incredible part of our team! She has been extremely dedicated and passionate towards our organization for the past two months and has already accumulated close to 45 hours.

Originally from Southern California, Maegan joined us in Chico once starting school here in the fall. Back home she was an active volunteer at the animal shelter in her town, but she said she never volunteered nearly as much as she does now. She has become very attached to many of the dogs here and seeing them happy makes her happy. When speaking with her, her love and passion was radiating off of her! It is a fulfilling and stress reliving way to spend her time and she doesn’t know what she would do without BHS.

Maegan loves all parts of volunteering, but especially loves being able to take the dogs out of the shelter for the day, bringing them on hikes and adventures with her. Her favorite dog is Diego and she is really hoping that he gets adopted on May 5th at our empty the shelter event. Not only does Maegan put in her time working with the dogs, but also helps us table at Thursday markets talking with the public and promoting events.

We are very lucky to have you Maegan, and we appreciate all of the time you dedicate to us!