Volunteer Spotlight: Joline R.

IMG_13051,000 Reasons Why We Love Joline.

To be honest, there are more than merely a thousand reasons why we love Joline, but the most recent in a litany of outstanding attributes is her 1,000 hour milestone.  Later in December she reached the achievement, not in her whole volunteer career, but only in 2017.

Joline has been nothing but valuable. How valuable? Well, if you want to put a number on it and consider each hour at minimum wage, you could say she’s donated $10,500 in 2017 alone! Of course, she means so much more to us than that.

Joline is a person with whom we can trust any project. She knows the warehouse inside and out and we are comfortable including her in important decision making processes. That’s right, she does the dirty work at BHS and boy does she do it well. She is organized, thoughtful, and thorough. One can only wonder how many potential sickness outbreaks she’s prevented with her strict adherence to sanitation, which she teaches to new volunteers constantly.

We’d be at a major loss without Joline which is why she is our volunteer of the month.Thank you, Joline, for all that you do.