Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda G.


Our latest Volunteer of the Month is the marvelous Amanda G.!

Amanda is a valued member of our volunteer community. She started volunteering in April of 2016 and has graciously shared over 285 hours of her time. She quickly joined the team of Level 2 Dog volunteers. This means that she takes on the more challenging dogs and helps them to become better behaved and more adoptable.

She understands that while Level 2 dogs require more work and attention, the dogs have great personalities and are just as deserving of attention as the others. She gives each dog, no matter what level they are, her full attention. Anybody can tell how much the dogs, like Cyndi Lauper, adore her.

What makes her stand out is how consistently she volunteered during the recent hot months and how she welcomed more new volunteers through Mentor Walks than any other Mentor during that time. Due to the heat, Chico State being out, and family vacations, summer brings BHS a significantly reduced volunteer count, but Amanda was here.

We truly appreciate Amanda’s dedication to the animals at BHS!