Sweet Success: Pumpkin & Raven

IMG_8330Written by loving adopter, Willow R.

Morris is now Pumpkin and Kiera is now Raven and they are the two little loves of my life! Pumpkin and Raven are the first cats I’ve ever owned and adopting them makes me wonder why I hadn’t gotten cats sooner because they are two little characters with so much personality and they are so loving and affectionate. Pumpkin is my little rambunctious, outgoing boy, while Raven is my little shy, sweet girl, and the two of them just compliment each other so well. Raven was very shy and afraid at first when I brought her home and hid much of the first week until she got adjusted. Pumpkin has completely brought her out of her shell and she is now just as curious and playful and rambunctious as he is, but is still a little on the shy side until she warms up to you. They are growing bigger everyday and are blossoming into two healthy, happy, playful, affectionate, smart, and well behaved kitties. We live with a 4 month old Blue Heeler puppy who is very sweet and has a ton of energy but she is doing good with the kitties as we’ve been slowly introducing them to each other. Pumpkin loves the puppy and waits outside my roommate’s door to see the puppy and rub up against her and play with her. Raven is shy and still hasn’t warmed up the puppy quite yet but she is getting better and I know with time they will all become a little family and live comfortably and happily together once adjusted.