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Adopting your next best friend takes some time and energy to discover the best match possible for you and/or your family.  In order to help you with this process Butte Humane Society has uploaded pictures and bios of each of our animals.  An animal's bio is a great first step in getting to know a potential animal match.

Click here to view adoptable dogs

Click here to view adoptable cats

Click here to view adoptable small animals 

We encourage everyone who wishes to adopt an animal to spend some time volunteering at BHS to get to know and understand the huge variety of breeds, personalities, and level of care needed for your future pet. Nothing can prepare you better for the reality of responsible pet ownership than the hands-on experience of helping care for the hundred-plus animals at our facility. 

BHS has created a new adoption program called Senior Connections.  Click here to learn about the benefits of making a senior connection today!

Is the time right to bring another friend into your life? One that will provide you with many years of love, companionship and joy?

At the Butte Humane Society, we believe that sharing your life with a dog, cat or other companion animal is a serious commitment. We want you to take the time to choose an animal that will fit your lifestyle. Come down to the shelter or to one of our mobile adoption sites and talk with one of our staff. They will help you choose the friend that is right for you! For more about our adoption process, click here.