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Pet Guardianship


Gain peace of mind knowing we'll find a perfect home for your pet:

Pets usually have shorter life spans than their human companions, but what happens if you are the one that becomes too ill or passes away before your pet? By enrolling your pet(s) in our Pet Guardianship program, Butte Humane Society (BHS) guarantees the care and rehoming of your healthy and adoptable pet.

Planning for the future of a beloved pet's home is something that every responsible pet owner should do.  It's not only for the elderly, but for any pet owner who doesn't have a designated person to care for their pet should the unexpected happen.  Butte Humane Society's Pet Guardianship program gives you the peace of mind knowing that your pet will continue to receive care and protection if something unfortunate happens.  Each year, we successfully rehome over 1,500 animals each year by developing a recommended home environment for each pet.  We'll work hard to ensure your pet is placed with a family that best suits him/her using the information you provide.

Tell us all about your four-legged friend:

With our Cat Biography and Dog Biography, you tell us in advance all the information we would need to know to best care for your precious companion.  We'll work with you one-on-one to make sure everything is put in place for your pet's future. Once you enroll, we keep this information on file, so when your designated friend or family brings your pet to our adoption center, we are fully informed about your pet's personality, eating habits, and specific needs. 

To enroll your pet(s) in this program, we simply ask that you include Butte Humane Society in your will or trust.  A general rule of thumb is to include a minimum of $1,000 for each of your pets. This will provide for their care and leave enough resources for any emergencies that might arise. 


Start planning for your pet's future:

The first step to enroll is to fill out the Cat Biography and/or Dog Biography form in its entirety. 

To submit these forms and to start discussing a care plan for your pet(s) today, please contact Katrina Woodcox at 530.343.7917 x.135 or via email