Volunteer Spotlight: Gianna H.

image1Gianna started volunteering at BHS in September as a requirement for class, but she plans to keep volunteering for as long as she lives in Chico. Her favorite part about volunteering is knowing that she is a part of something larger in the community. She said, “helping such a great organization behind the scenes is so rewarding!”

She spends most of her time volunteering in the Administration Office because there is always plenty to help with! But, nothing makes her happier than interacting and socializing with both the cats and dogs. They are always so happy to have company, and she loves getting know their personalities.

She has two dogs, Duncan and Bruce (who enjoys sleeping with his tongue out). They’re the highlight of her day, every day.

Thank you for your dedication to BHS, Gianna! We truly appreciate you!

Clinic Corner: Pet Obesity

November E-News

It is often said that pets with a little extra “fluff” just makes them extra cute, but did you know that obesity in cats and dogs can lead to long term medical issues and shorter lifespans? It is estimated that 58% of cats and 53% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight! Dogs and cats that have put on some extra pounds are more likely to suffer from arthritis earlier in life. Cats in particular are also highly susceptible to diabetes, and can have difficulty grooming themselves (which is an essential trait of a healthy cat). Often, contributing factors to having overweight pets are things like over-feeding, “free feeding” (i.e. letting your pet eat as much as they want whenever they want as opposed to have a scheduled feeding time with measured amounts of food based on your pets weight/age), lack of exercise, and giving too many high calorie treats or table scraps. If you think your pet may be overweight, there are some steps you can take to help them slim back down to a healthy weight for their breed. The first step is to make an appointment with a veterinarian to determine just how overweight your pet is, and make sure that there are no underlying health problems that have been caused by their excess weight- that way a plan can be put together to get your pet back on track to a healthy weight. At home, things like increasing activity levels, cutting back on the amount of treats per day, and following a measured guideline for feeding the appropriate amount of calories for the weight your pet should be at are easy and afforadable ways to help cut back on extra pounds. Want more info? Check out this article on the AVMA website! If you would like to set up an exam to assess your pet’s weight and get them on track to better health. Please contact our clinic for an exam at 530.343.7917 x 202.

107th Anniversary Gala Recap

42480557_10217699442226554_7884458635646992384_oThank you to all of our wonderful supporters who helped us Unleash the Future at our 107th Anniversary Gala! With magical & mystical entertainment provided by Paul Draper, a decadent meal from Sierra Nevada, and a visit from some of our furry friends – it was truly a night to remember. The total amount raised is still being calculated, but preliminary numbers show that we raised about $95,000. We are so grateful to be surrounded by such a supportive community, and this money will help us to continue our mission of Saving Lives, Finding Homes, and Inspiring Compassion.

This enchanting evening would not have been possible without the help of our incredible sponsors: Sierra Nevada, Creative Composition, Cooksey Properties, LLC., Courtesy Motors, Ray Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Centers, Urban Couture, Action News Now, Stifel, Dahlmeier Insurance Agency, Inc., RSVP of Northern California, Cleanrite Buildrite, Precision Business Associates, Azad’s Martial Arts, Asset Management Group, Ben Toilets, Westel Communications, Golden Valley Bank, & Feather Falls. We are also thankful for the support of our donors, who donated items for us to use in our auctions!

We could not have imagined a more perfect evening to help raise money for the animals at BHS, and we are so excited for next year’s Gala!

*If you attended the Gala this year, we would love to have your feedback. Please click here to take our survey!

Clinic Corner: Happy, Healthy Cat Month

September E-News (1)

Hello September and Happy, Healthy Cat Month!

Did you know that just like humans, cats need regular care like teeth brushing and cleaning, vaccines, and preventatives to have the best chance at a long healthy life? It’s true! As cats age, they develop common problems that can really effect their health such as gingivitis and dental disease, weight gain, urinary and kidney problems, and much more! The best way to prevent these issues is by seeing your veterinarian for annual health exams to keep their basic preventative treatments and vaccines up to date, and make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible. The best way to treat potential issues with your cat is to catch them early and treat accordingly. The BHS Clinic Team wants to make sure your cat has the best chance at a long, healthy life; which is why during the month of September, in celebration of Happy Healthy Cat Month, we will be offering $5 off all new patient exams as well as $5 off Triple Testing with any new patient exams! Mention this add to claim your offer and call to make an appointment today! 530-343-7917 ext 202.

Sweet Success: Tacoma

37323947_1837030313017903_6328895994423410688_oWritten by loving adopter, Brooke H.

Tacoma is the most loving, gentle, and caring pup I’ve ever known. She recently learned how to play fetch and it’s a favorite of hers! We both look forward to the end of the day where we share some of the best cuddles before bed. Tacoma was very timid when I first adopted her, but she has recently become a very social pup once she is given the chance to sniff strangers hands. I may have adopted her, but we rescued each other. Thank you Butte Humane Society!