Spay & Neuter Days

February is National Spay and Neuter Month!  We are proudly partnering up with several animal-loving businesses in the community to help increase spay and neuter awareness.

Throughout the month of February, businesses Spay & Nueter cards Art Etclike Art Etc. will be collecting donations to help fill our Spay & Neuter Fund. The fund provides vouchers to help pet owners who wish to take the responsible action of spaying or neutering their pets, but need assistance.

Why is it so important to spay or neuter your pet?  It reduces the chance of your pet developing certain cancers.  It reduces roaming, aggression, messy heat cycles, marking or spraying, but most importantly, it reduces unwanted litters, thus reducing overpopulation and euthanasia.  There’s really no reason not to as long as our shelters are full.

So how can you help?  Easy!  Simply visit one of the Spay & Nueter cards countertopbusinesses listed below, look for the donation cards, donate $5, and be sure to write your name as big as you can.  You deserve this proud moment.

A big THANK YOU goes out to the following businesses for partnering up with BHS and for caring so much about such a worthy cause.  You are truly heroes in our community!


Help Save Lives in Style!

Peace Love Rescue Shirt 4 350 pixelImagine a world that doesn’t euthanize millions of unwanted pets a year.  That’s what we at Butte Humane Society are trying to achieve.   The most responsible, practical, and outright obvious way to do that is by spaying and neutering your pets.Peace Love Rescue Ladies

Proceeds from shirt sales go toward our Spay & Neuter Fund which provides vouchers to help pet owners who wish to help stop pet overpopulation, but need a little help from an amazing and supportive community like ours.

Unfortunately our fund has depleted and we need your help to fill it back up.  Last year we issued 170 vouchers. This year we would like to double that number.  Help us Peace Love Rescue Mensdo that by purchasing a super awesome shirt from

If you’ve never made a purchase from Booster before, here’s how it works:

BHS designs a shirt and sets a goal for the number of shirts sold in a certain time frame.  If the goal is met, Booster prints the shirts and mails them directly to the customer, then forwards the proceeds to BHS.  There is no maximum.  If the goal is not met however, Booster refunds all purchases directly back to those that did make a purchase.  It’s good for the community and your wardrobe.  So get your shirt today!


Click here for a long list of reasons why it is better to spay or neuter your pet than to leave them intact.


PRESS RELEASE: Butte Humane Society Clinic “Snip-It Special”


Get A Free Vaccination and a Chance at One Year’s Supply of Heartworm Prevention

(CHICO, CA) – Get one free vaccination (Rabies, DHLPP or FVRCP) for your dog or cat when you schedule their spay or neuter surgery at the Butte Humane Society (BHS) Spay & Neuter Clinic by Friday, May 30, 2014. Just mention “BHS Snip-It Special” when scheduling your appointment.

As an added bonus, every participating client will also be entered to win one year’s supply of heartworm prevention medication (up to a $94.00 value) when you mention “BHS Snip It Special” while scheduling your pet’s spay/neuter appointment! One winner will be selected at random.

Surgeries are performed Monday through Friday at the BHS Spay and Neuter Clinic located at 587 Country Drive in Chico. All additional services (vaccines, microchips, tests, etc.) are also available by appointment, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm. Appointments can be made by calling (530) 343-7917, ext. 2. For more information on spay or neuter surgery or other services, visit

Please note that dogs and cats must be at least 2 pounds in weight and 2 months old (8 weeks) to be spayed or neutered. Dogs and cats must be at least 3 months old (12 weeks) to receive a Rabies vaccination. Both dogs and cats are susceptible to heartworm and should be kept on preventative medication. This promotion does not include heartworm testing.

Because the BHS is not a full-service veterinary facility, the staff encourages owners to establish long-term relationships with a local veterinarian to provide complete medical care.



Butte Humane Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives, finding homes, and inspiring compassion in our community since 1911.

BHS Spay & Neuter Clinic celebrates 2000th surgery!

In just nine months, Butte Humane Society’s new Spay & Neuter Clinic has performed more than 2,000 spays and neuters on cats and dogs from their shelter and the general public. Considering the average number of offspring each female dog or cat can produce in a year, that’s approximately 8,000 unwanted animals prevented this year alone. Each surgery helps reduce the number of future homeless animals needing care in Chico’s limited sheltering facilities.

Dr. Rachel Caspary, shelter veterinarian for Butte Humane Society, recently took a moment to reflect after completing her last surgery of the day. “I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to work with the shelter as well as public animals in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation.  It is very fulfilling to have completed 2,000 surgeries, especially knowing we are just getting started!”

Spay and neuter, especially early-age surgery performed before puberty, will help improve long-term health as well as decrease unwanted behaviors – including unplanned breeding. Spay and neuter efforts are especially crucial during spring and summer, when the warm weather spurs mating and the BHS shelter’s animal intake triples to 600+ animals per month.

“Spay and neuter is truly the most effective way to reduce animal suffering and euthanasia of millions of animals in our country and thousands here locally in the North State,” said Kristen Staggs, President of the BHS Board of Directors.

High turnover in residency, inadequate awareness and education, and minimal access to low-cost spay and neuter have led to a higher-than-average number of homeless animals in the Chico area. The BHS shelter takes in 49 animals per every 1000 people in our community, while the national average is 30 animals per 1000 people. The BHS clinic is an immense step in establishing long-lasting solutions to the community’s pet overpopulation problem.

Now, Butte Humane Society can directly help all pet owners by offering affordable spay and neuter as well as low-cost vaccinations and testing. Though BHS does not offer a low-income assistance program, the organization has partnered with two local spay/neuter assistance programs administered by Paws of Chico and PawPrints Thrift Store.

“We are able to provide low cost yet high quality services because we are a not-for-profit organization that receives discounts on certain supplies, and by not offering the full spectrum of veterinary services we are able to keep our overhead minimal. This allows us to pass these savings directly on to the public,” said Karin Williams, BHS Clinic Manager.

A donation of equipment and caging from Midtown Veterinary Clinic in Davis made it possible to increase the number of surgeries that the BHS clinic can perform each day. Appointments can be scheduled immediately, with no more than a few days’ wait for surgery.

Surgeries are performed Monday through Friday, and appointments can be made by calling 343-7917, ext. 2. The Spay & Neuter Clinic is located at 587 Country Drive in Chico. The facility also houses Butte Humane Society’s Cat Adoption Center. Dog adoptions and animal intake are still performed at the main shelter at 2579 Fair St. For clinic pricing information and a full list of services, click here.

Because the BHS clinic is not a full-service veterinary facility, the staff encourages owners to establish long-term relationships with a local veterinarian to provide complete medical care.