Foster Families

Butte Humane Society is dedicated to giving each animal another chance at a happy, healthy life. In many cases, fostering an animal outside of a kennel atmosphere is necessary for their optimum health and care. Many animals need foster families, including mother and nursing puppies and kittens, puppies or kittens under six or eight weeks old, those recovering from an illness, those who are overly stressed or depressed, and fospice.


Just this month, Kim H. took on nervous and timid Anala as well as a litter of sick kittens at the same time! BHS needed
someone to foster and medicate three sick kittens and Kim took them on without hesitation. She worked hard to get Anala over her fears of being alone and worked on her potty training. We are so thankful for the time and effort put into Anala, and she was adopted this month! Kim had a full house between her family and her fosters. The month before she took on a very fearful kitten named Bernard to socialize, and that kitten made leaps and bound thanks to her. On top of the time she put into Anala and Bernard, she paid both their adoption fees to help ensure they would find good homes! We are so appreciative she has been so willing to help us out! Thanks to her for all her hard work!

unnamedBeing a foster family for a dog or cat in need is very rewarding and will give them the love and socialization that they need. Individual attention can be hard to come by in a kennel environment, and we know our animals would be much happier in a home environment.

If you have extra time and space, prior pet experience, or thinking of adopting, please consider becoming a foster parent to give love to animals in need!


Fall in Love- Hooch Needs a Home

Meet Hooch.  He was first brought to us at the tender age of 5 months, and has spent his life as the object of a theoretical revolving door- where one side is adoption, and the other returning to BHS after several unsuccessful attempts at finding love.  Although he has all of the attributes of a loving, sweet and fun dog, he is acclimated to his kennel due to the majority of his year and half long life being here.

Hooch- Nov 2015
Handsome, loving, energetic boy looking for long-term, monogamous (only dog) relationship. Seeking understanding, patient, and playful match who will spend days doing puzzles and other stimulating activities. Prefer an outdoor enthusiast without children. Sound like a loving match? Come meet me!

Upon first meeting Hooch, he is a calm and obedient boy.  Hooch will lean against the kennel door and offer his side for you to pet him.  However, once the leash is secured and he is brought into the play yard, Hooch is now outside of his comfort zone.  At first glance, this behavior is misunderstood as standoffish, but this is simply the conditioned behavior of a dog that has never had a consistent owner in his life.  BHS is working hard to socialize Hooch, and is making great improvements each month, but it is best that he have a home and owner to call his own.

The ideal owner for this adorable yet misunderstood dog would be one where patience and training can be dedicated to him, and know that the transition will be over time and not immediate.  All who meet Hooch take quite a shine to this sweet dog and feel he may also be a great working dog as well.  He is a smart boy who is eager to please and would benefit from consistent mental stimulation.  If you know anyone or an organization that could provide a future for Hooch, please contact us.


Written by John Robertson

Your Support In Action – Guapo

Guapo, an 8 year old pit bull mix,  has had a couple rough breaks in life. He originally arrived at our shelter in 2008 as a transfer from another shelter that had found him running around as a stray. They were rapidly running out of space for stray dogs, so they sent him to us. “Guapo” is Spanish for “handsome”, and boy does this dog live up to it! Everyone he met was immediately struck by his sweet, easygoing temperament and he found a home in no time.  Unfortunately for Guapo his situation once again took a turn for the worse in August when his owner had to give him up due to losing his home, and our brave boy is back with us in his senior years.

Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.
Guapo is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sad history. The good news is that because you support us, we can help turn his life around.

Guapo also has some special needs; he has lost a lot of weight mostly due to the fact that his tongue doesn’t function normally and needs to have his food/water bowls elevated along some help with eating. He is also positive for heartworm disease and will need to start treatment as soon as he settles into his foster home. But Guapo doesn’t let his medical issues get him down and is a happy fun loving dog who has won the heart of every person he’s met!

Your support of our organization has ensured that not only were we able to take Guapo back in, we were in a position to be able to treat his heartworms and accommodate his special needs. Your support has also allowed for the creation of a strong foster program, so that dogs like Guapo don’t have to stay in a stressful kennel environment while they recover from their illnesses. Thank you so much for your support, we count on it and hope you will continue to help us save the lives of homeless animals in our community.


Your Support in Action – Lilly


Lilly (on left) enjoying lying out in the sun with her adoptive sister, Bella.
Lilly (on left) enjoying lying out in the sun with her adoptive sister, Bella.

Meet Lilly; one of the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dogs to come through our shelter. Little Miss Lilly came to our shelter as a stray with a severe, but treatable, skin infection that had caused her to lose all her fur and develop painful sores on her body.  We immediately sent her home with one of our best foster families, along with medication to help her recover. While she was under our care, Lilly accompanied our staff members to senior rest homes for our regular pet therapy visits and proved herself as a calm, capable girl with a huge heart and infinite patience. In fact, Lilly was so wonderful that her foster family ended up adopting her themselves after her healing had completed, and now she’s living the good life with children and other dogs to play with, all the toys she could want, and regular trips in the family boat (which she loves).

Your generous contributions to our Dorothy N. Johnson Second Chance Medical Fund make stories like Lilly’s possible, and have a direct impact on the future happiness of the animals under our care. Thank you so much, you truly save lives with every donation you make!


PRESS RELEASE: Shower the Shelter


Local Shelter Opens Its Doors for Community Donations and Foster Open House

(CHICO, CA) – Kitten season has arrived, and Butte Humane Society is gearing up to receive litters upon litters of kittens ready to be spayed, neutered, vaccinated and adopted out to loving homes! In order to gather the supplies needed to foster these young ones while they wait for placement in the adoptions program, Butte Humane Society is holding a donation drive and foster open house at their Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic on May 10, 2014 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The top 5 items from the foster wish needed are; fleece blankets, cat/kitten canned food, kitten dry food, cat/kitten litter pans and cat toys. Please bring as many of these items as you can spare to 587 Country Drive in Chico, then cool off inside with lemonade and cookies and learn about how you can become a foster volunteer! Foster homes for the hundreds of young animals brought to the shelter during this time of year is one of the most crucial services provided by volunteers, and BHS could greatly use your help.

Fostering may be for you if you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions. Do you love animals? Have extra space in your home and extra time in your schedule? Do you have prior pet care experience? Are you in-between pets or thinking of adopting in the future? A frequent traveler who can’t commit to long term pet ownership? Please consider becoming a home away from home for an adorable litter of kittens this summer!

For more information about fostering, or to view the complete foster wish list, please visit Foster orientations will be held this month on the 15th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on the 17th from 10 a.m. to noon. Please visit our website for details on how to sign up.



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