Help Save Lives in Style!

Peace Love Rescue Shirt 4 350 pixelImagine a world that doesn’t euthanize millions of unwanted pets a year.  That’s what we at Butte Humane Society are trying to achieve.   The most responsible, practical, and outright obvious way to do that is by spaying and neutering your pets.Peace Love Rescue Ladies

Proceeds from shirt sales go toward our Spay & Neuter Fund which provides vouchers to help pet owners who wish to help stop pet overpopulation, but need a little help from an amazing and supportive community like ours.

Unfortunately our fund has depleted and we need your help to fill it back up.  Last year we issued 170 vouchers. This year we would like to double that number.  Help us Peace Love Rescue Mensdo that by purchasing a super awesome shirt from

If you’ve never made a purchase from Booster before, here’s how it works:

BHS designs a shirt and sets a goal for the number of shirts sold in a certain time frame.  If the goal is met, Booster prints the shirts and mails them directly to the customer, then forwards the proceeds to BHS.  There is no maximum.  If the goal is not met however, Booster refunds all purchases directly back to those that did make a purchase.  It’s good for the community and your wardrobe.  So get your shirt today!


Click here for a long list of reasons why it is better to spay or neuter your pet than to leave them intact.


Your Support in Action-Cauliflower

Twelve-year-old Cauliflower was brought in to BHS by his Cauliflower hearts 1owner to be euthanized.  After our clinical staff looked him over, they determined that, although he was a “hot mess”, there was actually no medical need to put him down. Since Butte Humane Society lives to save lives, they offered to take him in and the owner agreed.

So what was wrong with Cauliflower?  He came in with severe ear mites, decayed teeth, and a cold; all of which were treatable.

Cauliflower star 1Thanks to the caring contributions of our community, our clinic was able to treat the mites and the cold as well as remove what was left of his teeth.  Once all of his ailments were addressed, it was easy to see that he was “the cutest cat ever,” according to our adoptions crew. “He is super cuddly and affectionate.  Most cats come out of treatment dazed and drowsy, but he came out purring and ready for belly rubs.”

It didn’t take long for the public to see that he was the cutest cat ever.  Cauliflower was recently adopted into a loving home where he will get to spend the rest of his happy, healthy life.  Without the support of the community, we wouldn’t have had the resources required to be able to save him.  We are grateful to live in such a caring and compassionate community.  Here’s to Cauliflower and here’s to you!

Success Story-Odin

Odin came to BHS a young man of only 95 pounds.  YouOdin 1 would think that such a handsome man would have no problem finding a home, but breed discriminating housing rules prevented several families from taking him home.  With the possibility of him being part wolf, in addition to his mere size, he was rejected by several property management agencies.

Because of this, a silver lining presented itself for David M. and Lindsey H. who fell in love with him at first sight.  ” I decided to go (to Butte Humane Society) after work one day, after one walk around, a big black boy caught my eye,” says Lindsey.  “A few days later he was part of our family.”Odin and Family square

Odin was the perfect dog to fill the hole in their hearts after they lost their shepherd mix, Bear.  “What Odin doesn’t know is that he rescued us!”  Lindsey continues. “He’s happy as can be, has Odin and treeso much fun at the dog parks, and loves going camping! He’s quite the lover, always wanting to cuddle and protect us!”

It would seem that Odin is just as happy that he is a part of the family as Lindsey and David are.  Thank you David and Lindsey, for welcoming Odin into your family.








Resolve to Volunteer

Happy New Year!  Have you made a resolution yet?   Maybe you want to exercise more, help your community, or change a life. Consider volunteering at Butte Humane Society where you can do all three at once.

We’ve all been there.  That time in your life where you really, really, reeeally want a pet but your situation won’t allow it.  First of all, thank you for being responsible by waiting until you can provide the best life possible for your future pet.  Secondly, there is a loophole for BHS volunteers.Volunteer with Scrappy 2

Come play with our cuddly kittens and walk our loving dogs.  Unfortunately, they don’t get out much while they wait for their forever family to come find them.  They need volunteers to help care for and socialize them, to play with them, and to remind them that there are wonderful people in the world and to give them hope that they might go home with some of them soon.

Wish you could have a dog so badly that you would settle for having one for justa day?  As a BHS volunteer you can…in a manner of speaking.  Approved volunteers get to participate in the Dog On the Go (DOG) program where you can actually take a dog home for the day. Take it to the park, take it for a country drive, or just take it home and cuddle up in front of a movie.

Carson CatThe only people that are more appreciative of our volunteers than BHS staff are the pets we care for.  Yes, pets are people too. Volunteering is not just good for the pets, it’s also good for the mind, body, and soul.  So why not do it at the place that has been voted “Best Place to Volunteer” four years in a row by Chico News and Review readers?

Click here to learn more about volunteering at BHS.  You’ll be glad you did.


Your Support in Action-Meatloaf

It’s no secret that stray and community cats can easily Meatloaf 2find themselves dealing with such medical issues as disease, infection, parasites, injuries, and more.  As with all male cats that come through our doors, Meatloaf had his turn on the operating table to get neutered. But something was not routine about his turn.

The vet noticed his vitals dropping.  Meatloaf was dying.  Thanks the vet’s quick thinking, she was able keep him alive.  She was able to determine that he had a blocked bladder; one of the fastest ways for a male cat to die.  Had BHS not had a veterinarian on staff, he most certainly would have.  But because of the wonderful support of our community, Meatloaf, and countless other animals, are able to receive the medical care they need.

Meatloaf 1After a lengthy recovery, Meatloaf is ready for adoption. BHS staff practically swoon when his name is mentioned, with each one of them describing him as “sweet” and “cuddly”.  “He’ll touch his nose to yours if you get close enough to his kennel door,” says adoption counselor Stephanie G.  It’s unanimous, Meatloaf would make a great pet.  And now, thanks to the generosity of the community, he’ll have a second chance to be one.