Sweet Success: Pippa

IMG_5964Written by loving adopter, Amy V.

My ten year old daughter, Lily, had been asking and asking if she could have a dog. Our response was always, “We don’t need another dog.” or “We don’t need three dogs,” to which she replied that we used to have three dogs, so that reason didn’t really hold up! After asking continuously for months, we finally told her she could have a dog if she saved the money to get a dog. So, about a year later, she had the money! The entire time she was saving, she was searching the web for available dogs. Lily had it in her mind that she wanted to rescue a dog rather than buy one from a breeder.  She spent months visiting rescue websites and shelters in any town that we happen to be visiting. She had several heartbreaks as we arrived too late to adopt one she had her eye on, sometimes only minutes too late! Then she found Pippa…

The adoption process went amazingly well. My daughter found her picture on the website. She asked us if we could call and ask to meet her. Her dad called and set up an appointment to meet her, since she was in a foster home. We went to meet her a few days later, and I could tell that she would be a good match for our family, but my daughter was unsure. She wanted to be sure she wasn’t rushing in to it just because she was cute. The shelter staff mentioned that we IMG_4515could put a hold on her and she could think about it overnight without having to worry about her being adopted by someone else. She was very grateful for that suggestion! We took the night to talk and sleep on it and she woke up the next morning knowing she was the one! We went back over to the shelter and the same two staff members who had helped us the day before were working. I wish I could remember their names, they were both fantastic! They were professional and made my daughter feel very comfortable and not pressured! They were very thorough and clear with all of the paperwork and information.

Lily decided to keep the name the shelter staff gave the dog, it fits her well! Her personality is playful, and she has a great temperament. She fits in with our family of 4 humans, and two other dogs very well! It’s almost as if she were meant to be with our family. We also have a large extended dog family and Pippa gets along with all of them. We love how her tongue sticks out, most often when she is relaxed or asleep! Although, sometimes if she has done something naughty, she will look at you with her tongue out almost as if she knows how cute she is and to say, “I’m not a bad dog!!” Pippa is incredibly smart and she loves to snuggle up with Lily at night. Thank you so much for an amazing experience for our family!

Volunteer Spotlight: Joline R.

IMG_13051,000 Reasons Why We Love Joline.

To be honest, there are more than merely a thousand reasons why we love Joline, but the most recent in a litany of outstanding attributes is her 1,000 hour milestone.  Later in December she reached the achievement, not in her whole volunteer career, but only in 2017.
Joline has been nothing but valuable. How valuable? Well, if you want to put a number on it and consider each hour at minimum wage, you could say she’s donated $10,500 in 2017 alone! Of course, she means so much more to us than that.
Joline is a person with whom we can trust any project. She knows the warehouse inside and out and we are comfortable including her in important decision making processes. That’s right, she does the dirty work at BHS and boy does she do it well. She is organized, thoughtful, and thorough. One can only wonder how many potential sickness outbreaks she’s prevented with her strict adherence to sanitation, which she teaches to new volunteers constantly.
We’d be at a major loss without Joline which is why she is our volunteer of the month.
Thank you, Joline, for all that you do.

December 2017 Desktop Calendars

Get in the holiday spirit with these festive backgrounds featuring BHS Alums Hopper & Mimsy!

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

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  4. Right click & select “Set as desktop background

December cat- Hopper

December dog-Mimsy


Sweet Success: Callie

IMG_4795Written by loving adopter, Madalyn K.

When I first met Callie at the shelter she scratched me when I tried to pet her and bit me when I fed her a treat. Even though I was skeptical, I went through with the adoption. I figured, if I was 17 years old living in a shelter, I would probably be a little grumpy too.

After bringing Callie home, she was a different cat. It took her a few days, but she quickly warmed up to me. She slept under my bed at first, but now I can’t get her off my bed. When we go to sleep, she will either sleep on my back, or we share the pillow. I usually have to lay down and get comfortable pretty quick because before I know it Callie will be cuddled up next to me. Callie is the most loving cat I have ever seen and loves to snuggle.IMG_4791

The adoption process went very smooth with the shelter. Everything was very easy, and I appreciate how the staff has stayed in contact. One little mishap, Callie had paperwork both from the shelter and previous owner and there were 3 different birthdays. So, we have decided to celebrate her birthday on July 4th. Callie will be 18 next year!

Overall, I am beyond happy with my decision to adopt Callie. She makes me happier each day and I am so glad I was able to give her a home. I continuously encourage others to adopt older cats and I hope the other cats at the shelter find their forever home. (Don’t let her grumpy face fool you, she’s very sweet!)

Volunteer Spotlight: Sue A.

IMG_2372Sue has been dedicating her time to Butte Humane Society since May of 2009. She is our resident cat photographer and has almost 2,400 hours of service! Sue is an active figure in Chico. She works as the assistant Vice President for Alumni and Parent Engagement at CSU Chico, and is on several boards like the Stansbury Home and DCBA and volunteer photography services for Chico Theater Company.

Sue first began volunteering when Butte Humane Society was involved in the ZooToo campaign. The enthusiasm of BHS staff members encouraged Sue to try out volunteering, something she had not really done before. At first, she was not sure what she wanted to do at the shelter, but after she did a photoshoot for the cats Sue was hooked. The Shelter Art Foundation, which provides advice and training for how to take quality photos of shelter animals, helped Sue improve her photography skills and learn how to capture each cat’s individual personality. On top of her regular visits to the BHS catteries, Sue does special event photography such as Pet Photos with Santa and Christmas Preview.

It is easy to see Sue is a cat person from her dedication here, but she does admit she would not mind having a dog sometime in the future. Roughly 700+ animals are photographed by Sue annually, so it is difficult for her to choose a favorite. Some have stood out to her, like BHS alumni Rocky, Thora, Honeysuckle, and Sophie. Several BHS cats have made a deeper connection with Sue and have found a furrever home with her. Currently, Sue is parent to five cats, and has adopted four cats she fostered in the past. She understands how much difference a comfortable bed can make, so she makes cat cage pads and dog coats in her spare time.

Without hesitation, Sue says the best part about volunteering at BHS is seeing the homeless pets find their forever homes and become part of the family. By taking professional photos of BHS animals, Sue can capture their personalities and show them to the public. Hearing someone say they came to see a specific animal because of Sue’s photography really makes her feel like her work is helping the animals find great homes. She is a very active volunteer at BHS, working with animals, staff, and other volunteers. BHS is grateful to have her here.