BHS Announces 1st Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser

Chico, Calif. – Butte Humane Society (BHS) and Chico Furniture Direct will be hosting their 1st Annual Mattress Event.  The fundraiser will take place Saturday and Sunday, July 11th and July 12th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Butte Humane Society Education Center, 2156 Pillsbury Road.  BHS has partnered with Chico Furniture Direct to allow community members to support BHS by purchasing brand new mattress sets at a discounted price. BHS will receive a portion of the purchases made.

A wide variety of mattresses from national brand name sources will be available for customers to try out. Trained personnel will be present to help in the selection process and to answer questions. Customers who live in the Chico area will have their purchases delivered to them at no additional cost. Cash, local checks, and major credit cards will be accepted.

Proceeds from the event will benefit all programs at Butte Humane Society.

To stay in the know about all Butte Humane Society events, please like us on Facebook at

If your organization is interested in hosting a fundraising event with Chico Furniture Direct, please contact Jon Markham at (530)965-3935 or via email at for more information on how to do so.


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Pet Safety on 4th of July

The smell of meat sizzling on the grill, the laughter of children playing, the big bangs and the bright lights—it must be Independence Day. Yes, that’s right, the most sensory overloaded holiday is right around the corner, and for your pets, it may not be all fun and games.

Pets do not associate the loud bangs and flashes of fireworks with a celebration. Instead, they put your animal into a panicked state, where they feel the need to escape. According to the American Humane Association, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters.

Snoopy July 4th Safety TipsTo keep your pet safe, there are a few things that you should prepare for to ensure everyone has an amazing Fourth of July.

1) Microchips and tags.  One of the simplest ways to ensure your pet returns home is to have them microchipped. If your pet panics and escapes, it will be much easier to identify and return your pet.

2) Play soft music or turn up the t.v. to drown out the fireworks. Playing noise and familiar sounds will reduce the noise and calm your pet.

3) Do not coddle or overemphasize calming your pet- this will increase their anxiety. Instead, play with your pet and distract them as if it was a normal day.

4) Keep your pet inside. Staying inside can prevent your pet from escaping. When panicked, even a well-trained dog will try to escape an outdoor doghouse or high fence!  Prepare a “safety spot” in your home filled with your pets favorite toys and bedding.

5) Keeping your pet away from the BBQ and alcoholic drinks can minimize the risk of your furry friend eating or drinking things that are poisonous for them.

Article written by Nick Bragg, BHS PR Intern

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Summer Traveling with Your Pet

Hiking, swimming, and backpacking are just some of the things to do with your pets while on vacation. Bringing your pet along on Summer trips can be welcomed company or a headache if you don’t plan ahead and travel properly. Follow these tips to prepare yourself and your animal before you embark this Summer.

Summer Traveling Pull QuoteAn initial difficult decision with taking your animal on vacation is the travel. Sitting in a car or plane for hours on end can be very stressful to the animal, which in turn, can stress you out. Here are a few tips for making traveling with your pet easier:

  1. Crating your pet while driving makes them feel more comfortable as this is a familiar environment to them.
  2. Make sure you exercise pets before the trip, this way they will be more likely to rest or even sleep.
  3. Bringing a favorite toy or item such as a blanket is also a good idea
  4. Stick to your pet’s regular meal and outdoor/bathroom times as best as possible.
Dog Car Carrier

Crates and other car carriers can keep pets calm and safe!

It’s actually easier than you think to find pet-friendly accommodations for animals. Many hotels across the nation offer dog-friendly rooms with a small extra charge. Some of the top dog-friendly hotels are The Kimpton, The Loews, The Hilton, and Motel 6. So whatever your price range is finding a dog-friendly room is only a quick google search away. Another option is AirBnB. Stay anywhere in the world, meet new people, and usually there is minimal or no additional fees for bringing pets along!

Once you’ve got your animal a nice place to lay their head for the night, finding things to do with them should be easy. Dog Trekker is a great site for finding fun things to do with your pet. Did you know there are even some dog-friendly wine tasting and rafting experiences in Wine Country?

If you’re having trouble finding a vacation spot, water is always likely to be a favorite in Summer. California’s coast offers great exploration opportunities for both you and your pup. Just be sure to bring along plenty of drinking water and a towel for your dog. Remember, sand can get hot!

Need to find a travel companion for your pup? Check out our awesome adoptable dogs that would love to accompany you on your Summer vacation.

Article written by Nick Bragg, BHS PR Intern

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PRESS RELEASE: Supper Club at Red Tavern

Local Restaurants Support Animals by Hosting Supper Club the First Wednesday of Every Month

Chico, Calif. – Butte Humane Society (BHS) is calling all foodies and animal lovers! July BHS Supper Club will be held on July 1st at Red Tavern, located at 1250 Esplanade during the hours of 5:00-9:00 pm.

The Butte Humane Society Supper Club is held the first Wednesday of every month at local restaurants.  Each restaurant has generously pledged to donate 15% of dinner sales to support Butte Humane Society’s Second Chance Fund.  Attend Supper Club each month and enjoy a delicious dinner with like-minded individuals, all while supporting local businesses and the homeless animals in the community.

To see the full Supper Club calendar and view participating restaurants, please visit the BHS website at Also, to stay in the know about all Butte Humane Society happenings, please like us on Facebook at

If you are a local restaurant that would like to be involved in the BHS Supper Club the month of December is still available. Please contact Kathryn Raley at 530.343.7917×133 for more information about how to get involved.


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Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Taking your dog into work seems a bit taboo, but Friday, June 26, 2015 is national “Take Your Dog to Work” Day. When started 16 years ago, the goal was to educate coworkers about rescue animals.  By creating an emotional connection, your coworkers would be encouraged to adopt a shelter animal as well.Take your Dog to Work 2015

The philosophy behind take your dog to work day is actually genius. Dog owners get to bring their loved ones with them to work, while at the same time, educate people about the benefits of a rescue animals and reduce negative stigmas.

Keep in mind, bringing your dog into work needs to be approved by your company. Here are a few tips to help you take your dog to work.

  • Talk to your boss beforehand — No boss would appreciate their workers bringing in an extra friend into work without prior knowledge. Make sure you tell him/her what TYDTW is, and why they should let you bring your dog.
  • Dog-proof your office — Offices are filled with cords, sharp objects, and hot coffee. You need to make sure your dog will be safe wandering around the office space. Organize all loose cords and put all sharp objects in a locked drawer.
  • Bring entertainment — Having an energetic dog sitting bored in an office is a disaster waiting to happen. Bring toys that challenge your dogs cognitive skills to keep their brains busy while you work.
  • Food and water — Last but not least, you need to bring appropriate, yummy food choices and snacks to keep your animal from getting grumpy.

Written by Nick Bragg

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