Your Support in Action- Luna


Luna Kitten no paw upclose

Lunas red nub where her paw was missing.

If Luna were brought to another shelter, she would have been euthanized.  Only a month-old, Luna was born with a birth defect that would have prevented her from growing into a healthy, adoptable cat. If that wasn’t hardship enough for this sweet kitten, her knee was bent backwards and the foot missing. Only a raw, red little nub stuck out from Luna’s soft grey fur, likely caused by an animal attack.  Your support saved Luna by allowing her to get proper medical care.

Luna Kitten amputated leg-crop

Luna required two surgeries. One to amputate the bent leg and one to repair an internal hole in her body wall.

Luna required two surgeries to mend the birth defect and amputate her deformed limb.  After surgery, Luna was lighter on her feet and quickly adapted to life on three legs. She chased toys and played with her siblings. Cuddled up in a volunteer’s lap, you could hear her purring from across the room.

Luna’s loving and playful personality captured attention more than her lack of four legs. It didn’t take long for her to find a home.  Luna’s adopter, Taylor, was set on her even before realizing she was a tri-pod. She says, “I always end up finding the cats who have abnormalities or had a tough life, so I’m not surprised I was drawn to Luna.”

Luna Kitten adopter

Luna with her adopter, Taylor, went home with her mate Eddie and his adopter, Taylors roommate.

Your support enables animals like Luna to overcome their trauma and hardships. At other shelters, animals with disabilities or needing additional medical care are deemed costly or unadoptable. Without you, these animals wouldn’t find refuge at BHS, where every animal is given a chance. Luna is proof every animal can and should be saved!

To save more lives like Luna’s, please donate to the Dorothy N. Johnson Second Chance Fund. This restricted fund is used for treating diseases, preforming x-rays and surgeries, and providing additional medical care for animals that would otherwise be euthanized at other shelters.

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Disaster Planning for Your Pet

When Disaster Strikes, Your Pets Rely on YOU to be Ready!

Disaster SeminarNobody wants to lose their loved ones in the midst of a natural disaster. Hundreds of cats and dogs are lost and never returned to their owners due to natural disasters. From earthquakes to wildfires, these events can be very scary and can happen without warning. When disaster strikes, your pet relies on you to be ready!

Have an evacuation kit for each pet and an emergency plan for all scenarios. In case you can’t evacuate your home, establish a safety spot that is safe for you and frightened pets. This location needs to have thick walls, without things hanging from the ceiling or wall, and free of crevasses or openings where anxious pets can hide or escape.

Stock your safe area or bunker with survival items. A generator is a key item that every bunker needs; when the power goes out, you will be able to pump power into radios, lights, and kitchen appliances. Other items to include would be bottled water, non-perishable food, candles, matches and blankets. This would also be a good place to put your animals’ survival kit so you don’t need to search for it when disaster hits.

If you must leave your home, have a list of pet-friendly accommodations and emergency centers to ensure you can take pets with you.

Here is a list of basic items to include in your pets’ disaster kits:

  1. Food/Water: Enough to last your pet at least a week. Travel size feeding dishes.
  2. Proof of ownership: Include pictures, documents/records in case you are separated.
  3. Vaccines and meds: Proof of vaccinations and supply of meds and/or copy of prescription if you need to board your pet.
  4. First aid kit: Gauze, disinfecting wipes, tweezers, ice packs, and a pet first-aid book.
  5. Leash/crates: Big enough for them to turn around, sit down, and stand up in case they need to be enclosed for long hours. Extra blankets and cleaning wipes for cleanup.
  6. Comforting toys or objects: Having familiar objects around is a good way to keep your pet calm during a stressful time.

Written by Nick Bragg, PR Intern

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PRESS RELEASE: August Supper Club at Sierra Nevada Brewery

Local Restaurants Support Animals by Hosting Supper Club the First Wednesday of Every Month

(Chico, CA) – Butte Humane Society (BHS) is calling all foodies and animal lovers!  The Butte Humane Society Supper Club is held the first Wednesday of every month at local restaurants.  Each restaurant has generously pledged to donate 15% of dinner sales made during Supper Club to Butte Humane Society.  Attend Supper Club each month and enjoy a delicious dinner with likeminded individuals, all while supporting local businesses and the homeless animals in the community.

Supper Club in August will be held on August 5, 2015 at Sierra Nevada Brewery & Restaurant, located at 855 East Avenue Unit 270 during the hours of 4:00-8:00 pm. To see the full Supper Club calendar and view participating restaurants, please visit   Also, to stay in the know about all Butte Humane Society happenings, please like us on Facebook at

If you are a local restaurant that would like to be involved in the BHS Supper Club, we are taking reservations for 2016. Please contact Kathryn Raley at 530.343.7917 x133 for more information about how to get involved.



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BHS Announces 1st Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser

Chico, Calif. – Butte Humane Society (BHS) and Chico Furniture Direct will be hosting their 1st Annual Mattress Event.  The fundraiser will take place Saturday and Sunday, July 11th and July 12th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Butte Humane Society Education Center, 2156 Pillsbury Road.  BHS has partnered with Chico Furniture Direct to allow community members to support BHS by purchasing brand new mattress sets at a discounted price. BHS will receive a portion of the purchases made.

A wide variety of mattresses from national brand name sources will be available for customers to try out. Trained personnel will be present to help in the selection process and to answer questions. Customers who live in the Chico area will have their purchases delivered to them at no additional cost. Cash, local checks, and major credit cards will be accepted.

Proceeds from the event will benefit all programs at Butte Humane Society.

To stay in the know about all Butte Humane Society events, please like us on Facebook at

If your organization is interested in hosting a fundraising event with Chico Furniture Direct, please contact Jon Markham at (530)965-3935 or via email at for more information on how to do so.


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Pet Safety on 4th of July

The smell of meat sizzling on the grill, the laughter of children playing, the big bangs and the bright lights—it must be Independence Day. Yes, that’s right, the most sensory overloaded holiday is right around the corner, and for your pets, it may not be all fun and games.

Pets do not associate the loud bangs and flashes of fireworks with a celebration. Instead, they put your animal into a panicked state, where they feel the need to escape. According to the American Humane Association, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters.

Snoopy July 4th Safety TipsTo keep your pet safe, there are a few things that you should prepare for to ensure everyone has an amazing Fourth of July.

1) Microchips and tags.  One of the simplest ways to ensure your pet returns home is to have them microchipped. If your pet panics and escapes, it will be much easier to identify and return your pet.

2) Play soft music or turn up the t.v. to drown out the fireworks. Playing noise and familiar sounds will reduce the noise and calm your pet.

3) Do not coddle or overemphasize calming your pet- this will increase their anxiety. Instead, play with your pet and distract them as if it was a normal day.

4) Keep your pet inside. Staying inside can prevent your pet from escaping. When panicked, even a well-trained dog will try to escape an outdoor doghouse or high fence!  Prepare a “safety spot” in your home filled with your pets favorite toys and bedding.

5) Keeping your pet away from the BBQ and alcoholic drinks can minimize the risk of your furry friend eating or drinking things that are poisonous for them.

Article written by Nick Bragg, BHS PR Intern

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